Tools of The Trade: Paint Brushes

Today I want to present you with another series of cool tool shots from one of our artist’s studios. Thanks so much to Beccijo for  sharing these great photos of your brushes and a neat glimpse into the world of the painter!

Painting small details takes two things: A steady hand and a set of fine brushes – very fine brushes!  Beccijo from The Enchanted Cupboard owns both. Check out the neat photos of her tools she sent me.

In the first photo you can see how each brush creates a different type of stroke. You can see the variety from the tiniest eye lash brush to the widest filler type brush. The tiny brush on top is my favorite.

In the next photo we are closing in on the object being painted. It’s one of Beccijo’s cute pink wooden dolls. Will she adorn a wedding cake maybe? Or will she star as a little girl in one of The Enchanted Cupboards cute play sets in a box?

Here she is all finished. See her teeny tiny eyes? The lovely green collar of leaves around her neck? I love the cute little heart shaped lips. I hope these photos inspire you to send me some photos of the favorite tool in your studio!

Happy Crafting!

  • Anonymous

    Tiny brush are my favorite too :)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the peek into Beccijo’s shop!

  • Alkelda

    Thanks for this peek into Beccijo’s shop!

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