Dyeing Easter Eggs Naturally

Every spring my kids and I dye eggs for Easter. We do it naturally without chemicals and artificial colors, experimenting with different  herbs and colorful fruits and vegetables.

According to, “Many food colorings contain color additives such as Red No. 3 and Yellow No. 5, which, according to a 1983 study by the FDA, were found to cause tumors (Red No. 3) and hives (Yellow No. 5).”

Last year we had so much fun using the leaves and flowers to get some contrast to the rich sienna color produced from the onion skin, that I would like to share this method with you.

Take 10-12 white eggs. Get some fresh small leaves and tie them to the eggs with a string.  Place the eggs in a single layer in a pan. Add water until the eggs are covered and add the skins of 12-15 small yellow onions. Bring to a gentle boil, then lower heat, and allow the eggs to simmer for 20-30 minutes. The longer you leave the eggs to boil, the deeper the color will be. Remove the eggs, unwrap the string, rinse the eggs in lukewarm water and cool them. If you’d like to add a soft sheen to your eggs, coat them lightly with vegetable oil and polish with a cloth. As a result, you’ll get beautifully decorated Easter eggs! Enjoy!


  • Anonymous

    Your natural eggs look beautiful! Great job!

  • Julie Hunter

    These ae so pretty! can’t wait to try it with my little ones.

  • All Things Beautiful

    They turned out quite beautifully!

  • Nobbyorganics

    Thank you! We had a lot of fun exploring different vegetables and herbs, but onion skin gave the most beautiful color, I think.

  • CurlyMonkey Organic baby goods

    It is beautiful. I thought you used henna for the rich deep red color! I love it!

  • Barefootintheozarks

    An older Russian woman at my church dyes eggs this way. They really are so beautiful.

  • Dwayne Hughes

    Nice! I remember doing something like this in elementary school, gonna give it a try with my kids

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