Stick Streamer Tutorial

We recently had my son’s fourth birthday and I wanted to do an activity that was easy for a group of children to do: we painted a stick streamer and had lots of running fun with it later during the party.

While I prepared the stick streamers in advance for our party, one can also make them with children.  Here are the directions of how I made them.

Materials needed:

–        A wooden dowel of approximately 25 cm/10”

–        A small eye screw

–        A key ring or curtain ring

–        An eyelet

–        Satin ribbon – I used 1.5 mtrs/60” of 2.5cm/1” wide

Tools needed:

–        Scissors

–        Hole Punch

–        Eyelet punch


1) Screw the eye screw into one end of the dowel and put it aside

Stickstreamer 2







2) Fold over the two corners of one end of the ribbon into a triangle and then fold over again







3) Take the hole punch and punch a hole in the triangle








4) Insert the eyelet and punch it in with the eyelet punch





















5) Connect the ribbon and stick together by hooking the key ring/curtain ring







Stickstreamer 3







Ready for play, or if desired, ready to paint the ribbon with water colours. . .













For painting or material inspiration, also visit MamaMoonTime

Happy Playing!

  • Julie Hunter

    I love these! I think I may make some for our next birthday party. Thank you for sharing this!

  • Martin Jones

    These look fab. May well be one of next weeks rainy day activities!

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