December Traditions – An Advent Calendar Full of Them!

Last year I made an advent calendar with 25 little pockets on it.  I made it out of fabric and tried to make it so it will last forever and ever!

I have 25 little slips of paper with an activity written on each one.  My daughters are so excited each morning to take the paper out and see what the activity is for the day!

They’re mostly crafts, for example, making Christmas cards for friends and family, make paper snowflakes, make straw stars, make Christmas cookies, and fingerprint Christmas trees.  I bought 2 little red bells at an Advent fair, and tomorrow their slip of paper will say ‘Open a gift.’  I’ll hide the little bells wrapped up in Christmas paper somewhere in the house for them to find!

I especially love this little bird:

It’s so fun to have a whole month with activities already organised!


  • Andréann Larouche

    That’s so cute! And it’s an heirloom they will be able to pass to their children (well, you’ll have to make more then!)

  • Becca

    Love your advent calendar and all your activity ideas! I’m sure they make for fond memories.

  • Andrea_from_ziezo

    Lovely calendar and great to put in activities for each day. . .

  • Rebecca

    What a beautiful calendar! I will “pin” this idea and try it next year, perhaps. :)

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