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I’ts been a while now that I’m thinking about creating this item… You maybe already know how my gnome love to travel…well they did find a new way !!!
… this little love letter is another great way to say ” I LOVE YOU ” to your cherish one !

So here is the first ~ Gnome LOve letter ~ , and I’m offering it to you today as a Giveaway !!


Of course it is a perfect valentine little present BUT can also be an everyday gift to show your love to your children, partner, friend, parents….name it !!

But before we get to the giveaway part let me tell you a short story on how we celebrate valentine in my familly….

Every year I create a little special thing for my daugther, to show my love but also for her to keep…a ”love souvenir” ! A little things that will be cherish for year and filled with love…because you know,  she is my sweet little valentine !! I remember a couple of years ago I did create a little felt heart filled with wool and embroidered with cotton floss and some glass beads. It was written on it ” Je t’aime mon petit coeur ” She was deligthed and since then it’s been an habit for me to use it frequently as a little love note…

When I make her bed I leave the heart on her pillow or I leave it with a little “snack”….leave room for your imagination…a little thing that say I LoOove you ♥… she always ENJOY’S this little gesture !!! That is why I did create the ”love gnome” .


Now for the GIVEWAY !!

FeeVertelaine is offering to one lucky person her first ~ Gnome Love letter ~

This giveaway is open to EVRYONE, EVRYWHERE shipping included.

How to enter the giveaway:

Simply go to this link on her FB page to participate share and leave your name

You can also:

1. Like FeeVertelaine on Facebook and leave a comment on her page

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Giveaway will close on Friday Febuary 1st. Open to everyone. Shipping included.

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The winner will be announce on the facebook page.



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  • R G

    Don’t do facebook, but this is cute and I wish everyone else luck.

    • FeeVertelaine

      Thanks !!

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