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As just announced Natural Kids Team will be sponsoring a BIG giveaway at SouleMama blog on March 2nd!  What is like to be a Natural Kids Team giveaway winner?  Well, recently I interviewed Yuki, the lucky winner of our last big giveaway.  Here is her story.



Tell us a little about you and your family?

My name is Yuki and my husband, Jeremiah, and I live on two acres right outside of Memphis, TN.  Before having a baby, I was a Pre-K teacher in the city schools. Now I stay home and spend every day loving and learning with my amazing 2 year old daughter, Eloise.  We have 3 dogs and 7 chickens that keep us busy.  We enjoy gardening, reading books, and playing! I try to provide Eloise with beautiful and natural toys that adhere to Waldorf tradition and values.

How did you hear about the giveaway?  Are you a regular reader of SouleMama? 

I heard about the Natural Kid’s giveaway on the SouleMama blog.  I am in love with Amanda Soule’s blog! Her ability to capture the beauty and simplicity in life is very inspiring!

How did you hear that you were the winner of the Natural Kids giveaway on SouleMama?  What was your first thought when you heard?  I think I would have done back flip, did you?

I heard that I had won the giveaway because Amanda emailed me and told me the exciting news.  I was SO excited.  I couldn’t believe it! I never win anything! I had never won a giveaway before and really didn’t expect it.  I usually enter her amazing giveaways every weekend but when I realized it was the items from the Natural Kid’s shops I was ecstatic! What a generous giveaway.

What was it like receiving all those different packages in the mail?
It was so exciting for me (and Eloise!) to receive so many wonderful packages over the course of the month, some from around the world!  Most were wrapped with such care and I really enjoyed being surprised to see which toy or item we received.  Many of them also had sweet little notes from the makers that really made opening them special.  Opening all the beautifully handmade presents that came daily in the mail was one of the best parts!

What did you decide to do with all your Natural Kids Team prizes?

Funny, when I first won, I planned on giving many of the items as Christmas gifts but when I received them, I loved them all so much that I kept all but one.  Even though it was adorable and so sweetly packed, I gave the amazing Fairy Folk Winter Magic Craft Box to a sweet 4-year-old and she LOVED it!  Then, I gave a few of the items immediately to my daughter when they came, kept a few for her Christmas presents, and then gave her a few more of the other items for her birthday, which was in February.

Do you have a favorite or more than one favorite, Natural kids Team prize?  Your child’s favorite?

Oh, it is hard to say my favorite, I loved them all.  I guess if I had to pick, I think I would have to choose the Willodel Gnome log table and chairs, MamaWestWind Autumn Mama and Baby, and Luvkin‘s Waldorf Doll Sweater.  My daughter’s favorites were The Enchanted Cupboard‘s Sorting Stars, Woolies Earth Pony, and Ziezo Designs Silk Fairy Wings. But, all the items were amazing!

Do you have a favorite Natural Kids team shop?

I love all the shops but I really like Willodel’s shop.  The items in her store are so enchanting and magical!

Would you purchase from a Natural Kids team shop & would you recommend Natural Kids Team shops to your friends or family? 

I would definitely purchase from the Natural Kid’s shops.  I have actually been eying a few items for my daughter’s Easter basket! I definitely would recommend Natural Kid’s to friends and family and I actually have already!

Thank you so much Yuki!  It’s been so fun hearing about your experience as the winner of our Fall giveaway on SouleMama!




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  • Andrea_from_ziezo

    Lovely to see that all items were received so well. I am particularly happy to see that the silk butterfly wings fit to well! These kinds of photo’s always bring a smile on my face and are a lovely reminder why I create these items. . .

  • Dustin – Armadillo Dreams

    It’s really nice to hear about how much she enjoyed receiving all the packages and hearing about her family. Thank you for posting this! :)

  • Rachel {Little Woodlanders}

    It’s so nice to see the winner enjoying the prizes!

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