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I’m Linda, founder and owner of Mamma4earth knitted Toys and Patterns. I thought I would tell you a little about myself and my business. My mother taught me to knit when I was 5 years old, I have always enjoyed knitting and what started out as a hobby has now grown into a business that I enjoy tremendously. I can honestly say I love my job! I have connected with amazing people from all over the world and learned so much from many of them.


I am a stay at home mom and I’m so grateful that I can be with my children and work throughout the day, always being here when they need me. I also feel very honored that I can contribute towards our family financially because of my business.


When creating a design, I study an animal’s habits and movement for hours so that I can capture their personality within my stitches and create a design that reflects their true shape and character. When I knit toys for my shop I always use natural materials and stuffing. I like the fact that they will not leave a blemish on the earth one day in a landfill because they are natural…

Glider the Whale I love knitting custom orders for my customers, it stretches my creativity into new areas and makes me grow:)


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This is my new Mamma4earth pattern e-book that I have just published. Within the book are these 7 knitting patterns featured in the above photo and a tutorial on how to finish off my knitted toys. I would like to offer 4 of these e-books as a giveaway to 4 readers (1 pattern book per person)

To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment in this post, to earn extra entries please share about this giveaway on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest and leave a comment here for each extra share.

Congratulations to:

Abbe King

Super cute patterns!


Love your realistic looking animals – just the right size for kids to love on! Blessings to you!

Alina Coroian

your toys are beautiful

Susan D1408

Wow they are fantastic! I would love to win this for my auntie Dolly. Everything she makes is for charity.


Thanks so much for entering! I will email your e-books off to you.

Anne, could you send me your email details thanks, and I will send you your pattern book.

Have a wonderful week,

:) Linda

  • GermanDolls

    Your post is lovely! Great job, Linda!

  • Tracy Klemens Hall

    I LOVE these! I have a 1 year old that I could make these for!

  • Garyfallia

    I read your post often and I like the way you run your family. I am giving to have my fourth child this Friday and I have knitted for him as a first gift your whale pattern. I used cotton yarn and wool for stuffing. It turned out great.
    Thank you for your lovely work.
    Garyfallia from Greece

  • Melanie

    Oh!! I love your patterns!

  • Gina Zahra

    They are lovely!! I love to read your Natural Suburbia posts :)

  • jezz

    Thanks so much for offering this giveaway–love your designs!

  • Barbara

    you create wonderful animals Linda. I guess I never grew up because I love stuffed toys and these would be great to add to my collection.

  • Janne

    You have really SEEN the animals character, they are wonderful designs!

  • harknessangels

    Love all your patterns! What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  • Sam

    Yes please Linda, I’d love to win these! Thanks and best wishes, Sam

  • Sheila

    I just love your patterns!

  • janet daum

    would love to try your patterns. I used to make some of the Waldorf animals 25 yrs ago!

  • Joanne

    Your animal patterns are fantastic. You certainly do pick up the true nature of each, the qualities that really make that specific animal who they really are. I love your work.
    I also read your Natural Suburbia blogs every time they come out to be shared by you. Thank you for who you are and all that you do. I hope to collect more of your animals too.

  • kathleen ganster

    These are lovely. Having made some of Linda’s other patterns, I would love to try these.

  • MaryJo

    Linda, what a great giveaway.

  • MaryJo

    I posted to twiter

  • MaryJo

    I pinned to pinterest

  • MaryJo

    I have posted to facebook

  • Linda Rumsey

    These animals are so cute! Thanks for the giveaway.
    lindarumsey on Ravelry

  • Daffodil Angel

    As always wonderful patterns from Linda. Well done.

  • Carrie

    What beautiful animals!!

  • Peggy

    I’ve recently started knitting again, and know a new mother with twins. The patterns would make a nice toy for them.

  • Emily


  • Karole King

    Homemade toys are the best,safe,and appreciated gift for a child. One knows country of origin,yarn,and there are never parts to come apart. Good things come from the home and heart.

  • Africanaussie

    Oh I have always loved your patterns and might have a grandchild soon that I can knit them for. count me in

  • ShevenD

    I have been following your Natural Suburbia blog for a few years now. It is always a treat to stop and read it, when it arrives in my inbox. Thank you, Linda, for sharing stories of your life and your lovely family along with your knitting patterns. I am looking forward to your new cat pattern.

  • Marina

    I think I already have all your patterns! Love them!!! But, would like to win them for a friend!!!!

  • laminitagirl

    What a great opportunity! Thanks. I am a daily subscriber to your blog and can say I honestly look forward to reading your daily (almost) posts. I have your camel pattern. I have it on my to do list and am hoping to get to it very soon. Your patterns are so realistic, I think they might just get up and walk out of the room! You are doing a great job of inspiring me to get going on my list! Thank you.

  • Amy McNabb

    I love all of your sweet animal knits!

  • jennifer

    I love your knitted animals!

  • jennifer

    I love them so much I have also shared on my fb page!

  • Victoria Brennan

    Very beautiful indeed!!!!! Thank you for the beauty!

  • Lorraine Curtis

    I love all the patterns and appreciate the time, effort and energy that you put into everything you design. Thanks for your generosity. Lorraine

  • Zanna Lindquist

    Such sweet pattern! Would love to make these for preschool!

  • Cat Macri

    Love your toys! They are cute, cuddly and oh so sweet. Thanks for sharing your creative genius in these devine patterns!

  • Sarah

    Still so keen to knit some of your animals. Moving this weekend and then hoping to have more time for wonderful crafting.

  • Kathy Hanoch

    I just adore these patterns – grandkids would play with these for sure.

  • Alma Pacheco

    I have been a big fan of her patterns for a long time. She is brilliant!

  • Alma Pacheco

    I have pinned this post!

  • Anne

    Love your realistic looking animals – just the right size for kids to love on! Blessings to you!

  • Abbe King

    Super cute patterns!

  • Susan

    your patterns give me residual JOY! First I SEE them.. then I wish them, then I KNIT them… then I GIVE them and (sometimes) I get THANKED!!.. those residual gratuities belong to BOTH of US! Thank-YOU!

  • Alina Coroian

    your toys are beautiful

  • Alina Coroian

    Shared you on my Waldorf based page

  • Alina Coroian

    also shared you on my facebook profile

  • kim

    love your patterns!!!

  • Carmen N

    I love Mamma4earth’s patterns! Thanks for the chance to win

  • Linda Carey

    I have knitted several off your patterns and enjoy making them. I also learnt some new methods of knitting thanks to you.. You to a great job.

  • diane

    I made the whale and he came out so cute, everyone should buy your patterns they are awesome!!!!Ask my granddaughter she got the whale and loves it !!! She’s 13. I would so very much love to win the giveaway, what a ball I would have making all those wonderful animals!!!!

  • Susan D1408

    Wow they are fantastic! I would love to win this for my auntie Dolly. Everything she makes is for charity.

  • Jazz

    Amazing job, thanks for doing the giveaway!

    I hope I’ll win one of the books,

  • Helen

    Always admired these patterns! Long time follower of the blog.

  • debbykc

    knitting little animals is a treat when they’re as lovely as yours. with a new grandchild ‘on the way’, i hope i get to win!!! thanks!!!

  • Alina Coroian

    Hi there ! How can I get the patterns? By the way, thanks for your generous offer

  • Оксана Бурняшева

    Какие у вас прекрасные работы, вы так тонко чувствуете материал, так чудесно воплощаете задуманное! Как бы мне хотелось иметь вашу книгу!!! А пока я смотрю на ваши работы и вдохновляюсь. Спасибо!

  • Ida Vishnyak

    What a beautiful realistic looking pattern! I am crocheting the barn, tractor and farm animals now and it would be great to have those cute animals you made also. Thank you for sharing your pattern! Ida

  • Megan Hsu

    Love your realistic looking animals

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