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Easy Wool Peace Dove Craft for Absolute Beginners


This craft tutorial is written by Rebecca who keeps shop at Nushkie.

I got an interesting call from a lady who is working on a project to open a Waldorf School on the West Bank in Israel. “Do you have a craft you can share…Something for children coming to our booth.” She was doing an outreach program at a local fair.

The first thing that popped into my head was a peace dove. What better symbol for bringing Palestinians and Jews together, at what better vehicle than a Waldorf School? The next thing that popped into my head was, well, the material I use all day: wool. But I didn’t want a craft that would involve needles. What came next was such an easy craft that I simply must share it with you.

You get a hold of some wool batting…something rough that will felt or tease together with just the palms of your hands or your fingers.

Pull off a length of about 6” and about 1 ½” wide.

Tie a knot in the middle.


Fold the two ends over to create a ball at one end. This will be your head.

Break off  a small piece of wool and wrap it very tightly to form the neck.

Now you will have the head and two lengths of wool extending from it. Choose the wider of the two and split that in two, pulling them apart from the ends to the head. These will become your wings.

Take each of the “wings” and roll them in your hands using your fingers or the palms of your hands to shape them. Do the same thing with the third part. This will be the dove’s body and tail.

When you have finished this step, you will have a sweet dove…

Here is your finished dove in less than five minutes! If you love it, you can do several and hang them at different lengths from a twig to make  a naturally beautiful mobile.




Rebecca Varon

Copyright 2011

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Artist Hand Series: Rebecca the Needlefelter’s Hands

Rebecca Varon aka Nushkie has been a Natural Kids Team member from the early beginnings of the artisan group. Recently she shared a  tutorial on this blog on how to make a simple dove with wool roving. So maybe that’s why her hands may look a bit familiar to you?

Rebecca makes the most beautiful wool sculptures, everything from simple wool angles to hang in your window to very complimented needle felted pictures. Her work is enjoyed in Waldorf/Steiner kindergartens in Germany, Norway, France, Scotland, Australia and throughout the United States. If I recall correctly,  she was invited to Japan last year for a show. She is one artist on this team who is gaining world fame! We love and admire her so much.

Please stop by her Etsyshop and check out her beautiful creations today. Maybe you can still find a last minute gift for somebody special? An angel for Christmas how perfect a gift would that make!