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Ads for

Please note that you may vote for as many as you like and we will use a selection of the ones that get the highest votes. Do not focus on the font, that can be changed after we have our logo. You are just voting for the feel of the ad, the style.


7 thoughts on “Ads for

  1. They're beautiful!!

  2. I vote for nr 2 and nr 6

  3. I voted for #6. It is clean and bright!! Easy to view and read, and it flow nicely too 🙂

  4. I LOVE #7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hard to choose between 6 & 7, I voted for 6 but I like them both.

  6. I, too, voted for 6 because I could only vote for 1, but love 7, too.

  7. I voted! I think I like no.7 best because it goes with our banner on the blog and it helps with branding…
    The invidual product ones look nice too, but it is always a disadvantage to people whose product is not chosen, I suppose.

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