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Artist Hands Series: Ariana’s Hands

Ariana is a needle felt artist who recently joined the NaturalKids team on Etsy. Since I hardly know her I asked for some help with my post for today. I hope you enjoy the write-up she sent me as much as I do. I certainly was intrigued what her hands are busy doing when they are not using a felting needle…
Looks like besides creating art,  her hands are busy packing moving, and if not that writing,  drawing, translating and and and. Sweet! I can totally appreciate that! But for more info keep reading…
32 years-old, married to a wonderful man, Chef Grant Macdonald – he keeps us happy and well-fed! SAHM/WAHM to our 2 lovely children (Alina is 5, Finnlagh is 3). Grew up in New York, but lived in Montreal for 11 years, then Vancouver and now we are moving to Austin, TX at the end of the month. Graduated from McGill University (Montreal) with a BA in English Literature and Political Science. After that I moved to England where I completed my MA in 20th Century Literature at the University of Leeds. How I loved it there!!
By profession, I am a writer, editor and translator. I started Blue Pencil Communications ( to help filter in and manage contract and freelance work.
My Etsy shop opened back in May and I only began needle felting this past spring, so relatively new to having a shop. I am really enjoying building the business so far. My website for Niko & Nonnie is and my blog can be found at
Hmm, what else? I love sewing by hand, drawing, reading, taking photographs, beading, writing poetry, walking everywhere and anywhere possible on foot, eating Indian food, the colour purple, Valencia oranges, lottery tickets… We have a menagerie of pets at all times in our house – we love animals dearly!
My husband and I have only ever lived in big cities so trying to be as green as possible and lead a natural lifestyle can be a bit challenging at times. I guess this is why I drink tea and watch so many of those programs about people relocating to the country and living “peaceful” lives … lol.

Ulla Seckler  is a dollmaker who was born and raised in Germany. She lives in beautiful Colorado with her husband and two kids. You can find her Notes by a German Dollmaker on her blog where she shares some great German recipes, pictures of her sweet dolls, and life lessons learned.  Don’t forget to stop by her Etsyshop and take a peek at her wonderful doll creations.

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  1. Nice to met you Ariana, cheers Marie

  2. So nice to get to know you better, Ariana!

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