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Artist Hands Series: Doll Maker Julie

Julie, aka FeeVertelaine,  lives in Canada. Julie is yet another great doll maker on the NaturalKids team on Etsy.  I think one fascinating fact about doll makers is, that each doll maker has so many different types of skills. Besides the obvious craft of sewing, most doll makers know how to knit, crochet, embroider, and make wigs for dolls using all kinds of different techniques. In the Artist Hands pictures from today you can see Julie knitting a small hat for one of her dolls. I have great admiration for people who knit since I am not very good at it. My dad used to refer to me as the “slow-motion knitter” as compared to my mother who could knit as fast as a machine.

Good thing I learned how to sew or my dolls would probably have to go out in the nude…Not so with Julie’s dolls. They have wonderful knitted hats and coats with lots of great detail on them. When her hands are not knitting or making dolls – during the warm summer months – Julie works as a landscaper/gardener. Can you tell how hard these hands work all the time?  Maybe you saw Julie’s  recent post on herbal teas?


The second picture shows Julie’s hands attaching some hair to a doll’s head. I know this job too well. About this time of year, the doll makers hands get pretty calloused. Too often I will forget to wear a thimble – unlike Julie – who is obviously much smarter than me…

In order to see one of Julie’s finished dolls or other cool toys please visit her Etsyshop here. If you are lucky one of her dolls may be available for sale at this moment. They go really fast though – so snatch it up quickly!


4 thoughts on “Artist Hands Series: Doll Maker Julie

  1. I’m so *thankfull* I have my hands…I just love to create with them <3 Thanks Ulla

  2. Thank you for this spotlight on Julie’s hands! It’s nice to get a peep at what is going on behind the scenes.

    I wish that I could use a thimble successfully, too. I end up wearing bandages on my fingers.

  3. Cool post!!! So nice to see you, even if it is only your hands! (;

    1. Ha!ha! I know what you mean 🙂 When my daugther started to knit in first grade of Waldorf school she teached me the basic and then I learned the balance by myself. She was really proud to say to people that she learn me to knit…so cute 🙂 Sometime I’m reading a pattern and I don’t even know the abrevation , but now with youtube it’s great you can watch little video of hands knitting…work well for me. Maybe you could find a yarn store near you that offer knitting in group, I think it’s a great place to go for beginers. They do offer help/lessons also !

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