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Artist Hands Series: Kelley’s Hands

I discovered the art of needle felting in 2007 when my husband gave me a kit for Christmas. It’s a wonderful craft but you need lots of patience for it. I know a person on the NaturalKids team who seems to have oodles of patience: Kelley. Kelley lives on Christmas Tree farm and her shop is named LittleElfsToyshop. Perfect name for a toyshop where you will find the best stockingstuffers and little surprises ever.

This is what Kelley said to me when asked about her hands:”

I  just adore working with wool, it is so soft and I can make just about anything my mind can imagine. It’s fun to wad the wool into balls and start felting, sometimes even I am surprised at what I find I can make with it. Today I decided to make a little robin. ^_^

I am not going to show the picture of the finished work. You can find Kelley’s wonderful creations at LittleElfsToyshop on Etsy.


3 thoughts on “Artist Hands Series: Kelley’s Hands

  1. Patience indeed! But I love to see the wool take shape, it never ceases to amaze me. it’s also quite amazing to see what Kelley can do with wool!

  2. I am enjoying this series. Kelley has beautiful hands.

  3. Awww thanks ladies. ^_^

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