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Artist Hands Series: Wood Toy Maker Beccijo

It’s about high time to “shake hands” with one of the leaders of the NaturalKids Team on Etsy.  Too bad it can only be a virtual handshake. But seriously, we all could learn a lot from this artist. She is a homeschooling mom of 4, owner of a brand new brick-and-mortar store, plus manager of her virtual store The Enchanted Cupboard on Etsy. Nobody knows how she does it. Is it magic? Some people suspect she has more than two hands but in the pictures you can see she is a regular gal who just works really really hard.

Beccijo writes:

In the photo I am working on my Autumn Forest Playset as seen here: . This is one of my favorite things to paint as I love to use my blending colors skill. I love the Waldorf style of following the seasons and using it in creative play. I have in the past 2 years been following the season in my toy series, Landscape Play! I enjoy getting to have my creative time each day that is just for me after my household has gone off to bed. I try to keep one day a week to create something new, it keeps me fresh.

Yes,  totally agree with that statement. It is so much fun to create new things for your Etsyshop. We all like to have bestsellers but what keeps the artist excited about creating is making NEW items.

Don’t forget to visit Beccijo’s shop and see the finished products in their glory! Hurry, it’s not too late to get something for your kid’s Christmas stocking…

2 thoughts on “Artist Hands Series: Wood Toy Maker Beccijo

  1. My family has many lovely things from Beccijo’s shop, plus I’ve given her toys to other children for gifts. It’s nice to see a photo of her hands at work.

  2. I have never heard before about Beccijo’s shop but after read here, I am crazy about Beccijo’s shop. These wooden toys are looking very cute, I liked them a lot.

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