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Artist Studio Feature – German Dolls

German Dolls “Studio” Tour, a member of the Etsy, Natural Kids Team
My “studio” space is located in the entryway to our house. The word studio sounds too grand really. My little happy sewing space is barely 7×10 feet. Part of that space is taken up by a large old radiator.
The location of my creative space is a good and a bad thing. The good part is, that it forces me to keep things more orderly, since this is the room people look at first when they come to our house. The bad thing, of course, is that I must always put things away and can’t leave a big mess. But you’d be amazed to see what one can do with such a small space!

For the longest time I played with the idea of building a table over the radiator. I don’t know why, but it appears, that the family gets tired of my things spilling over into the dining room/family work table. I don’t understand why finding tape stuck to a book or page of homework is such a big deal…Do you?
Luckily last year my husband’s crafty woodworker uncle came and helped me ameliorate that stressful situation. I am so thankful I could realize my idea of having a side table. Together we built a new table off to the left side from my sewing table/desk. This space that was once wasted since I could not put any shelving or a table there, now serves as shipping and, cutting table. I also use it for taking photos of my dolls and doll clothes.
In one corner of the table I keep an antique Pepsi crate which I found at a flea market. The crate holds note cards, business cards, tape, and lots of small odds and ends that I need all the time…Note the gnome sitting behind the roll of tape in my tape dispenser. He is the guardian of my tape to remind the children that they have their own tape…What used to be wasted space has become a wonderful work space!

The dear uncle also built me a handy dandy storage shelf for some of my materials and shipping supplies. It is located above the side table and held in place by the window frames and some extra supports through L-brackets.
Unfortunately, there is not enough room for all of my fabric. The fabric I use for doll clothes is spread all over the house in various bins and dresser drawers. Sometimes it can take me a while to remember where I put a particular piece of cloth I am looking for…I wish I could keep everything in one room. But then again it’s good exercise walking up and down the stairs to get your materials together…

Be sure to visit Ulla’s shop, German Dolls.

9 thoughts on “Artist Studio Feature – German Dolls

  1. Every mom needs her own space for her fun stuff. Your corner looks great. I love shelves close to the ceiling. I used to do that because I didn't have a lot of room so there were shelves everywhere.

  2. Your studio looks very good. I want my own corner too, but we have no space, that’s why my yarn is all over the house. Your dolls are so beautiful, but my little son likes only cars 🙂

  3. Thanks so much! I love my little corner. It was only a place for coats and a few house plants when we first moved in. It showes how much you can do, even in a little space! Of course my materials still spill over to the other parts of the house. I still share with the coats, and in the winter I have to share with some plants that come back in the house from the porch…

  4. Great studio feature! I just love seeing how people live/create in one space. There is something very organic about creating in the same space you are nuturing a family. Thanks for the peek Ulla!

  5. This gives me hope, Ulla. Right now, my space is a desk in the living room with containers on one side, under the desk, under my chair… Yours looks lovely.

  6. i need to put shelves above windows! great idea.

  7. the shelves are really handy! They don't support a lot of weight but they help keep clutter of my work table! I can just take a project basket and toss it on top of the shelf! then go to the next basket. I have a whole lot of baskets…

  8. so nice to read about your workspace!! Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Your studio looks so sweet and tidy. I am just a big slob in comparison. Thanks for letting me look!

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