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desk in december

My Desk in December

I’ll let you in on a secret: when asked for photos of our workspace, most of us try to distract you with pictures of nature, finished craft projects, and our cute kids. We try to keep our workspaces neat, but entropy happens. It’s the second law of thermodynamics, and it just happens. I cleaned up […]

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Weather wood toys by Armadillo Dreams

Staging the Weather

Last Saturday, I walked in heavy rain to meet friends at a local restaurant. By the time we finished our breakfast, huge snowflakes fell. As I walked home, the snow turned into rain, and twenty minutes later, the sun shone. That afternoon, my family and I got into our car as hail cascaded onto the […]

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"Some Bunny to Love, by Niko and Nonnie

Why I Made It: Artisans tell the stories that inspired their creations (Part 2)

I asked members of the Natural Kids Team if they would share some of the stories and experiences that inspired their creations. Here is the link for the first set of narratives: Why I Made It, Part 1.  Read on for more “behind-the-scenes” glimpses! Ariana Lyriotakis-Macdonald of Niko and Nonnie: I wanted to share “Some […]

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Math Gnome by Alkelda Dolls

Why I Made It: Artisans tell the stories that inspired their creations (Part 1)

The collective goal of the Natural Kids Team artisans is to create children’s imaginative toys, decor, and clothes from environmentally-friendly materials. Individually, we have different  inspirations and objectives for why we make what we do.  Recently, I asked my fellow Natural Kids Team members to tell me the stories behind some of their creations. I […]

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Comet in Moominland

Moomins in the House: a book series recommendation

The Moomins h ave taken up long-term residence in our house! Moomins and their friends come from the imagination of Finnish author and illustrator Tove Jansson (pronounced “tova yan-sun”).  Moomins look like bi-pedal hippopotamuses with minimal clothing, but they convey a range of personalities: Moominmama is “highly moral but broad-minded,” Moominpapa is a storyteller who […]

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