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Christmas in July Sales!

Some of the Natural Kids Team shops are having Christmas in July sales! Little Woodlanders is offering 15% off everything in her shop at  Here you will find handmade wooden toys, babywearing figures, teethers, and more! Germandolls is offering 10% off everything in her shop at  At Germandolls you will find Waldorf dolls […]

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Wooden Spring Toys

I’ve been busy making lots of new toys for spring, and I thought I’d give you a little background on some of them.  Firstly, one of my facebook fans suggested a flower crown girl earlier this year when I was asking for spring ideas. I worked on it for months until I was happy with it. […]

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St Patrick's Day Green in the Natural Kids Team

St Patrick’s Day Green in the Natural Kids Team

‘St Patty’s Day Green’ by Little Woodlanders Easter Sale – Wooden To… TheEnchantedCu… $52 Waldorf Doll 15 inch B… handmaidencana… $30 SALE thrive – a set of … GypsyForest $18 Soft Wool Baby Hat- Gre… SesameSeedDesi… $23 Bamboo Velour Lovey Bla… TicketyBu $20 Felt Leprechaun and Pot… MuddyFeet $35 Chestnut Baby Boy Gnome… Rjabinnik $8.9 […]

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The Carrot Seed: A Book Review

What an amazing children’s book for learning about doing what you believe in and not giving in to other people trying to discourage you! The little boy has an idea.  A plan. His family keeps telling him it won’t work out. But every day, he keeps at it.  He waters those seeds with determination. And […]

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Toys On A Walk

We brought some of our wooden toys for a walk in the woods!  The chicks were feeling adventurous and climbed a mossy tree. Then they went exploring among the ivy. Very bravely balancing across a log.  (It was just a tree branch, but they’re so tiny they thought it was a log!) Next, they found […]

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Book Review – My Mummy and Me

My girls found this book at the library and they love it!  They get all cuddly and lovey when we read it together, it’s so sweet!  It’s about a little mouse and his mummy (we live in England, so we say Mummy for Mommy!) The little mouse tells of the things he likes to do […]

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Book Review: A Winter Story

I bought this book last year for super cheap at a little library near us.  It’s just so adorable and magical! We got it out of our seasonal book storage box at the beginning of winter and lost if a few days later!  I was so sad!  Finally I found it the other day!   […]

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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

‘Natural Kids Team Valentine’s Gifts’ by Little Woodlanders Valentine Bunny, Eco Ki… woolies $72.00 Valentine Tiny Wooden H… LittleWoodland… $7.00 Waldorf Valentine Love … FeeVertelaine $17.00 Pocket baby, Red Valent… germandolls $14.95 Waldorf Red Window Star… harvestmoonbyh… $10.00 20% Off – Valentine Uni… TheEnchantedCu… $24.00 Valentine’s Day Gno… MamaWestWind $12.50 Felt Birthday Crown in … […]

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skin balm

Making Homemade Skin Balm

We use this exclusively in our house for moisturising our skin. It’s made of 3 natural ingredients and very good for you! The ingredients are: 3/4c beeswax, grated (approx 2x 30g/1oz bars of beeswax) 1c mild olive oil 1/4c coconut oil 1. Grate the beeswax on a cheese grater. 2. Put the oils and the […]

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