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Happy Giveaway Winners

As just announced Natural Kids Team will be sponsoring a BIG giveaway at SouleMama blog on March 2nd!  What is like to be a Natural Kids Team giveaway winner?  Well, recently I interviewed Yuki, the lucky winner of our last big giveaway.  Here is her story.   Tell us a little about you and your […]

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Grandma’s favorite…

One of the lovely things about the holidays, for me, is remembering traditions from childhood and passing them on.  A favorite Christmas treat around my house are my Grandma’s favorite, Chow Mein Chocolates.  Growing up, my Grandma lived just up the road from us on a dairy farm.  I remember her and I making these […]

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A Meaningful Advent: December Traditions

There are many ways of making the Advent season meaningful.  In our society where the holiday season for children often means a big case of the “gimmies”, how can we celebrate in a way that brings meaning to the season? Or rather uncovers the meaning already present. In the coming weeks we will be writing […]

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Playsilks & Gnome Clothes Pin Tutorial

The best gift I feel I can give my children is the freedom and opportunity to imagine!  This is why I love playsilks!  They are so versatile and fun, they are only limited by our imagination. They can be capes, cloaks, skirts, head wraps, belts, backdrops, plays capes, forts, tents, flaming rocket balls & so […]

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The Halloween Sugar Fairy

So, you’ve gone trick or treating with your kids and you have gobs of candy!  As parents of little ones we have some choices. Do what my parents did and let the kids have free reign.  This usually involves eating mounds of candy and getting a whopping stomach ache. Or, let them choose a few […]

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Book Review: The Land of Long Ago

In our home we are big fans of author/ illustrator Elsa Beskow.  We’ve been wishing for The Land of Long Ago for a few years now and in celebration of Michaelmas I decided to splurge and get it.  Not one Elsa Beskow book has ever disappointed us.  This one has dragons, a princess, king & […]

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  As days grow short hearts grow bright. Saint Michael with his sword shines out against the night… Heinz Ritter   The above is an excerpt from a poem in Celebrating Festivals with Children by Freya Jaffke. For those asking, what is Michaelmas?  It’s a day, at the end of September that marks the time […]

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