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Mini Wednesday – Armadillo Dreams


Meet Dustin and Amanda of Armadillo Dreams :

Armadillo Dreams is a husband/wife shop run by Dustin and Amanda Cowell. Everything we sell is made from natural materials, is friendly for little hands and is handmade with love! We believe it’s important for children to have high quality, natural, simple toys that they can dream, imagine and play with. We know how hard it is to find wooden toys on a budget, so we’re working hard to keep our prices low so everyone can afford fun natural toys for their children. We love what we do, it is our passion.

Amanda also runs Violet ( since 2005 and Little Vintage Violet ( since 2008.

Find Armadillo Dreams on facebook::
and on twitter:

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Mini Wednesday – Nobby Organics


Meet  Nobby Organics :

I am lucky enough to be a stay at home mom with five wonderful children that have inspired all of the products created here at Nobby Organics. I have always loved creating and designing with textiles. All the items listed in my shop are handcrafted with great care and attention to detail using only natural fibers such as organic cotton, organic merino wool, organic silk, and organic linen.

Find Nobby Organics on facebook:

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Mini Wednesday – Earth Grown Crayons


Meet Melissa of  Earth Grown Crayons :

I live in beautiful Minnesota with my husband and three children. Besides making crafts, I enjoy reading, running, and spending time outdoors.

Why soy crayons? Soy is an all-natural, renewable resource that is one-hundred percent biodegradable – making it an earth-friendly choice for kids. Soy beans have been a part of my life since I can remember. Growing up I spent time on my grandparents farm in rural Minnesota. I watched my grandpa plant and harvest soy beans in the fields behind his farm. Now, many years later, I’m making my own creations from soy, inspired by my love for animals and other living things.

My Earth Grown Crayons are made from soy beans free of herbicides and pesticides, and grown on American soil. I use only non-toxic pigments.Crayons come packaged in recycled or reusable materials and are hand-made in a home that strives to be loving of the earth in every way. 

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Mini Wednesday – This Cosy Life


Meet Julie of This Cosy Life  :

I am 30 years old and mama to three spirited little girls. My passions are creating (anything!), natural childbirth and natural parenting. I am happily building a cosy life with my little family here on our micro-farm in the foothills of North Carolina, one stitch at a time.
My previous shop was Knitsational. You can see my past work here: Handmade is a way of life for me and I love to share it with others. I hope you find something here that will bring a little bit of cosy into your life.

You can visit  My Cosy Life here : and on facebook too:

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Mini Wednesday – Wild Child Woolies


Meet Angela of Wild Child Woolies :

I am Angela, stay at home/work at home/homeschooling (I guess we’re HOME a lot!) mom of 5 awesome kids. Wild Child Woolies was born in 2007 after baby number four sold me on the wonderful world of cloth diapering with wool. I’m a 3rd generation ‘crafter’ and have always made things to sell in one form or another. It only seemed natural to combine my love of wool, my love of crafting and my entrepreneurial spirit.

Wild Child Woolies is about fun and unique wool clothing that is both fun and functional. It makes a once dreaded chore (changing the baby’s diaper) into something fun by covering little behinds in bright and cheery wool.

You can visit  Wild Child Woolies on Facebook here::

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Mini Wednesday – Seven Acre Toys


Meet Seven Acre Toys :

As life long makers it was only natural that when our friends started having kids we skipped the registries, and went straight to the wood shop. After much coaxing from friends and friends of friends, we are now sharing some of our favorite baby gift creations with you.

At Seven Acre Toys we strive for a higher quality toy. We are committed to environmentally sustainable business practices, and delivering safe imaginative toys to the little ones in your life. For that reason we use no paints, dyes, or film finishes.

You can visit Seven Acre Toys also on Facebook. 

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Mini Wednesday – Obi Mama


Meet Jennifer of Obi Mama   :

I am passionate about baby wearing and sewing is my favorite way to be creative. My goal is to make baby wearing the norm and not the exception in my community and getting moms and dads into slings that are comfortable, functional, and attractive.

Through ObiMama, I earn enough money doing this to stay at home with my children where I want and need to be! I strive to use recyclable or reuseable packaging, eco friendly materials, and turn the lights off when I’m not in the room!

You can visit ObiMama on Facebook.


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Mini Wednesday – Little Lily Bamboo


Meet Jade of Little Lily Bamboo :

My name is Jade. I live with my husband Daniel, and three daughters  and one on the way in northern British Columbia, Canada. I love being a stay at home mom to Addison, Tegan and Myka, and spending any free time sewing for my Etsy shop!  Inspired by my girls, Little Lily products are a natural, gentle way to care for the most precious people in your life!

Aside from being gentle on our Earth, bamboo’s wonderful silky softness is gentle on your family. And it’s hypoallergenic, and naturally antibacterial, so it’s perfect for bath products…which you’ll find lots of here!

Why use Bamboo?
*Bamboo is a natural, green, eco-friendly plant
that is biodegradable
*Considered a sustainable natural resource
*Has natural properties that wick moisture
*Naturally anti-bacterial
*Repellent to harmful UV rays
*No chemical additives
*Naturally soft
*Holds 3 times its weight in moisture
*Produced Organically

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Mini Wednesday – Poverty Jane


Meet Kate of Poverty Jane:

I am a full time, work at home mama to 6 (soon to be 7!) very beautiful and spirited children. I often find the time during my busy day, 10 minutes here and there to devote my energy to sewing and crafting. I grow my own food, harvest eggs from our happy chickens, hang our laundry to dry, use a wood stove to maintain heat within our 150 year old barn dwelling, solar and wind power, all sustainable living.

I’ve been sewing, very seriously, for about 10 years, this year. Most of my sewing skills were taught by my husbands mother, from England. She lived during a time when there was great depression in her country, WWII. She has been sewing, professionally, for over 40 years in many factories and owns her sewing business.

My grandmother also sewed during the American Great Depression to make things the family needed. She too, was a professional seamstress and all she knew, she passed along to me. She sewed for about 55 years before she passed away. Thanks to both of these woman, I can do what I’m doing today.

I make all of my items as if my entire soul was born within it. When I sew, I am completely in the moment of sewing. It is one of the most spiritual practices I exercise. I make cloth diaper for my own babies and do not believe in vinyl covers or any synthetics personally, though I respect others opposite feelings on this. In fact, I use the very diapers I sell on my babies. I know personally that they are made well and work efficiently and effectively as possible. Any and all materials used to cloth diaper baby or child, is made with natural, permeable fibers so air can flow between baby and diaper. I also make felted wool diaper covers in many different sizes.

And here are a few more place you can visit Kate: 

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