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Mini Wednesday – The Violet Sparrow


Meet Alisa of The Violet Sparrow   :

My shop is filled with goods inspired by the treasures I make for and with my children. As a Waldorf-inspired homeschooling family, we are constantly creating our own playthings, dolls, and beautiful things for our home and nature table. This is reflected in my shop as I can’t seem to choose just one thing to make! I have so many passions and ideas and when I get inspired I have to get to work!

My shop is named after my two saanen dairy goats, Violet and Sparrow. I intended to start an etsy shop where I would sell my handmade cold-processed goat milk soap. I milk our goats for our family’s dairy supply, and started making soap about a year ago. Eventually I will list my soaps for sale here, but for now I am having too much fun creating beautiful and fun, waldorf inspired goods.

With a few closets filled with felted wool sweaters, a girl looks around and wonders, hmm, what are the possibilities here? What can I create from all of this wonderful material? I love the process and challenge of finding items others have deemed useless, and upcycling them into beautiful things. Good for the planet, good for my children, good for all….

My background: I am a WAHM to 3 homeschooled children–schooling in Rudolf Steiner’s Waldorf method, and a wildlife biologist with a history in endangered species conservation and public education. I have always been artistic; my creative background is in painting – in the past I have painted functional and decorative goods and furniture for area shops, as well as wildlife and pet portraits! I also have aspirations to open up a watercolor and mixed media section of my shop that is reflective of my love of birds. Opening my shop was a natural flow since discovering Waldorf education, which is rich in handwork and fiber arts.

When the oil spill tragedy occured in the Gulf last year, I went headlong into an anti-oil, anti-plastics campaign, and decided to open an etsy shop. After all, my youngest daughter was going to be 3 soon, so I was able to find a little extra time.

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Mini Wednesday – Rjabinnik


Meet  Rene of  Rjabinnik  :

My name is Rene Kvicala.I’m really proud husband to Renata, known here on Etsy as Rounien. We live on a farm grouped house in Menik, small Moravian village (Czech Republic, European Union).

We’ve left university studies and the city life and moved there 6 years ago. Since this time we’ve been always self-employers living upon own hands work with respect to crafts, reach folk history, traditions and craftsmanship of our country. There is a plenty of old sources we have studied and many beautiful places we used to work at…

My wife is really in love with felt, she infills our lives completely with tenderness and fleeciness. As creative spirits circumfuse our whole life round all the time, I couldn’t stand by anymore and decided to start my own creation and work with my most favourite and friendly material – wood.

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Mini Wednesday – Lovealittle


Meet Jane of Lovealittle     :

Hello we are Lovealittle!

We love our arts and crafts and like to sell to friends, at local craft faires and to fund raise for cancer charities.

Mum works part time teaching textiles and enjoys learning new techniques. Once a year she creates costumes for the NYMC summer camp based in a Cowshed in the middle of a field. This is enormous fun and she was blessed by a bag full of sheep’s wool for free this year. The shed, garden and house have seen from smelly to snowy and soft carded wool.

She runs the odd course and enjoys attending lots too. She is a member of the local Embroiderers Guild, soon to be in charge of cakes! Her daughters love to create mini things and have brilliant ideas. They belong to Young Embroiderers and enjoy felt making. They love to make, see and sell their work on Etsy!

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Mini Wednesday – Asher Jasper


Meet Vicky of Asher Jasper :

My name is Vicky and I’m an artist/homeschooling Mum (to Asher and Jasper) living in Southern California. Originally from England, I moved here after falling in love with a young American artist on a painting trip to Italy.

That American is now my husband 🙂 He has been contributing wooden toys to my store since June 2010 and I love that we can work creatively together again!

I have my Bachelors and Masters in painting and drawing and have exhibited globally. I have to admit that I am a wool addict. I LOVE the stuff. We are a family floating in a sea of wool and wood at all times.

You can also find Asher Jasper on Facebook.

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Mini Wednesday – Beneath The Rowan Tree


Meet  Lori of  Beneath The Rowan Tree:

BTRT is a family team of myself (Lori), my husband Andy and our inspiring, exasperating just-turned 5 year old Rowan. We share our home with two young terrors/ dogs: Archie the Sheltie and Hooligan the aptly named Brittany.

Andy works in our family print shop, Rowan goes to school, I work full time out of the home… and then we all gather back in to where our house is a mess, our dogs are nuts, my hands are dye stained and we are all happy creating, telling stories and doing what we love here in our small town, in our little home by the lake!

At BTRT you will find quality handcrafted items made with natural materials. Our toys are made in the Waldorf tradition of simple, child-led, open-ended toys from nature that inspire imagination.

You can also find Lori’s blog: and at her new second shop:

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Mini Wednesday – Eve’s Little Earthlings


Meet Eve of Eve’s Little Earthlings:

I can’t stop making stuff! I was originally trained as a potter and worked at that craft for 15 years. I started sewing and creating different animals for my children to play with. From a simple bunny pattern that I found in a book, I began designing my own little animals. Each one has its own unique appearance. My favorite part of the process is adding the eyes and nose, which just seems to bring the creatures to life. Every year I add a few more species to my repertoire.
My kids are teenagers now, but I am still sewing and stuffing!

All of Eve’s Little Earthlings creations are made with repurposed materials whenever possible. They are all stuffed with wool fleece. I use only 100% felted wool fabric for the bodies of my animals unless otherwise stated.It is a fun challenge hunting down the perfect used sweaters for my creations!

Although I am new to Etsy, I have been designing, making and selling Little Earthlings for over 10 years. I derrive my inspiration for my pillows and cozies from the beautiful trees I see while walking my dog. Pillows are made from repurposed sweaters…some are cotton or blended materials. When I’m not sewing, I’m doing mom stuff or working in our large urban garden.

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Mini Wednesday – Sherees Atelier


Meet Sheree of Sherees Atelier:

I love to sew and create beautiful things! I am a wife to a great guy and mom to two great kids. They are my joy!

I have a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from MIT, but hung up my lab coat when my daughter was born so I could stay home and mother her. These days, I spend my time mixing up fabrics at home instead of mixing up chemicals in the lab.

I love designing (my work as an inorganic chemist involved designing and synthesizing new molecules) in all forms and enjoy sewing, quilting, knitting, blogging, photography, travel, gardening, cooking and reading. I enjoy having loads of time to spend with my family and the flexibility of working from home and being available to meet their needs when necessary.

You can visit Sheree here too:

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Mini Wednesday – Fee Vertelaine


Meet Julie of Fee Vertelaine    :

I have always enjoyed creating. It is my passion, my hobby…it is a part of me, a joy! Through my creations a piece of my soul is revealed.  I’m a mother of one daughter, so you can imagine that the first doll that I did was for her…and now guess what happen? I couldn’t stop…I had to make more. I just love to create them!

I love nature and am a gardener too! Creating and gardening is my balance…one keeps me grounded… the other leaves room for my imagination. Before, I was a fashion designer for children and now I cultivate the earth and dress dolls. My need to create is nourished when I make these natural toys. While bringing them to life I always keep in mind that the children who will receive them will be filled with love and joy.

You can follow  Fee Vertelaine here as well:

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Mini Wenesday – Harvest Moon by Hand


Meet  Ann of  Harvest  Moon by Hand  :

I am a stay-at-home mom who homeschools my two daughters (ages 9 and 7). Both of my daughters were born in China, and adopted at 11 months and 10 months respectively.

My approach to homeschooling is rather eclectic – combining Waldorf, Montessori, Charlotte Mason, and unit study approaches. This combination works well with both daughters. Harvest Moon by Hand offers some of the items that I have created for an at-home learning environment.

I have always enjoyed crafting – especially embroidery, needle-felting, needlepoint, crocheting, and cross-stitching. I hope to pass the joy I feel when I craft along to those who purchase my items.

Because both my daughters love to play and use their imagination, I have been making more of their toys and quilts by hand – all from natural materials (primarily wool and cotton). We also enjoy decorating the windows with colorful window stars and creating seasonal nature tables for them.

Knowing they have quality, safe (and lead-free) toys and quilts is important. My hope is that the toys last and can be passed along to their children…thereby becoming family heirlooms.

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