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Beating the Flu With Herbal Remedies

All three of my daughters were sick with the flu last week. Body aches, sick tummies, sore throats, coughing… the works! I prefer not to give (or take) medication, when possible, and instead reach for natural and herbal remedies. Some things were concocted from my little collection of essential oils, others from common spices you very likely already have in your spice rack and also a few ingredients found in your fridg or cupboards.
For easy breathing I put together this rub. It’s made with olive oil and essential oils of lavender, eucalyptus and tea tree oil. None of these essential oils are very costly and they’re available in just about any ‘health food’ store and some well stocked grocery stores. These three are pretty invaluable and can be used for a whole plethora of things. I rubbed this oil onto their chests and throats and they really enjoyed the rich scents. I stored what I had left over in an empty (and clean) essential oil bottle for future use.

With a few things from the spice rack I whipped up a big batch of Tumeric Chai Tea and gave it to them a couple times a day, every day they were sick. (Please note that this article points out that tumeric is not appropriate for pregnant women as it stimulates the uterus!)  I made it for the girls with rice milk and they thought it was yummy! Which was surprising as I really don’t care for the taste of tumeric but with the other spices it really isn’t overwhelming. I had no idea what a super spice tumeric is!

Just do resist the temptation to squeeze when you’re straining the powder or you’ll end up with a lumpy meess in your cup!

We drink chamomile tea to soothe tummies and promote rest. Honey and fresh lemon squeezed into hot water for sore throats (ginger can be added, too). I rub achy arms and legs with an oil made from a couple tablespoons olive oil with five drops of rosemary and five drops lavender essential oils. It’s very warming and soothing and contact is, of course, very comforting to little ones. I also use my own calming balm to rub over their foreheads  and across their cheeks to help break up tensions and also help them sleep.

My girls were better in record time! I do think medications have their place but, for my family, when it comes to treating common sickness I find these herbal remedies to be highly effective without anything synthetic going into their systems. Tell us what remedies you like to use in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Beating the Flu With Herbal Remedies

  1. Awesome stuff!! Have you heard of Thieves oil?

    1. I have heard of it but never tried it. You find it pretty effective then?

      1. Really great …Well Julie Yeah I heard and used Thieves Oil and its a good herbal remedy used form many generation and useful in killing airborne bacteria.This is an all-purpose spray solution for cleaning and antibiotic at home, purifying the air and disinfecting around the home.

  2. This post is AWESOME!!! I want to make that turmeric chai!!!

  3. Whenever I feel like I’m catching a cold, I start taking Echinacea Whole Herb capsules 2 at a time. Within about 4 hours I may get that sneezy, achey feeling again so I take 2 more. ( 8 to 10 capsules daily) for about 3 days. It dries up my cold and I’m feeling great. I haven’t had the flu in 25 years. If I’ve been exposed to it I take Echinacea to boost my Immune System. It works for me!

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