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Birchleaf Designs’ Poem

   This awesome diamante style poem was sent in by Wendy from BirchLeaf Designs.  Wendy and her husband  Mojo have been part of the Natural Kids team for many years. They live in the woods of Michigan creating the most wonderful playsilks and toys that spark the imagination.
Wendy is also in charge of our Naturla Kids Team’s  Facebook page. Thanks for the lovely poem and being a valuable member of this team!
 Soft, Colorful
Flowing, Playing, Wrapping
  Sling,   Dress,   Cape,   Knight  
Fighting, Pretending, Protecting
        Brave, Honorable

2 thoughts on “Birchleaf Designs’ Poem

  1. Nice poem and gorgeous silks!

  2. Thank You Ziezo!

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