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Book Review: Flower Fairies of the Autumn

This sweet little book is not only beautiful, with it’s amazing detailed pictures, but educational too.

We have a ‘modern’ edition from the library.  The original was first published in the 1920’s, but new edition has nice “antique” look to it!  It’s by Cicely Mary Barker, who was home schooled and taught herself to draw and paint.

There are 19 different flowers, each with their own fairy and poem.  As it says inside the back cover, the author combines her delicate illustrations with ‘meticulous botanical accuracy.’  We use these to identify flowers now, because the pictures are so good!

Look at the beautiful little crab apple fairy!  We also use these books to inspire us when drawing, and try our best to draw fairies by looking at these pictures.

Here is the hazelnut fairy, with some hazelnuts we found outside under a tree on our way home from a walk!

One thought on “Book Review: Flower Fairies of the Autumn

  1. This is so very cute. I love the hazelnut one!

    My mom has something similar, a real vintage that has all the illutrations protected with a parchement paper. They are beautiful! The theme is summer, and each flower have a little 2-3 pages story with it. Of course my mom won’t let me have it!

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