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Book Review: Good-Night Owl!

I loved reading Good-Night Owl!  by Pat Hutchins. It is a sweet story about an owl who tries to sleep up in his tree, but the birds and animals are too loud for him.

The squirrels cracked nuts,

crunch crunch

and Owl tried to sleep.

The robin peeped,

pip pip,

and Owl tried to sleep.

Good-Night Owl! is written using repetition so young readers are able to tell the story too. I especially loved the beautiful illustration of Owl’s tree with the birds singing and chirping. The colors are so bright and cheery. Good-Night Owl! was published over twenty years, but it is a must-read for today.

A companion to Good-Night Owl! is Cute Little Things’ DIY Owl Needle Felting Kit.

This kit includes all the materials needed for a parent or older child to create one’s own little owl.

  • step-by-step photo instructions
  • a super sharp 38 triangle needle
  • a super sharp 40 triangle needle
  • a cute little needle card for safely storing those super sharp needles
  • perfect pocket-sized foam work pad
  • core eco-wool (humanely raised, 30% organic content)
  • main fiber (sourced from small farms, rare breed sheep)
  • accent fiber
  • toothpick

Owl felting kit can be purchased from Cute Little Things’ Etsy store.

4 thoughts on “Book Review: Good-Night Owl!

  1. Looks like such a cute book, I love those illustrations!

  2. Awesome job on this post! Thanks so much for introducing us to this cute book. I love owls, and I agree with Julie about the fabulous illustrations.

  3. So cute!!! I love those books that they wind up retelling you, this looks like a great one! thanks for including my cute little barn owl ~ what a wonderful companion to act out this story!

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