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Book Review: A Winter Story

I bought this book last year for super cheap at a little library near us.  It’s just so adorable and magical!

We got it out of our seasonal book storage box at the beginning of winter and lost if a few days later!  I was so sad!  Finally I found it the other day!   My favorite page is this one at the beginning with all the little lights on in the mouse houses in the trees.

The book tells the story of some mice and a beautiful snow fall.

They all get together and decide to have a ball, and make an amazing hall out of ice and snow.

What an adorable book with such detailed illustrations!  I just love getting this out in winter time, and I’m so glad I found it!


3 thoughts on “Book Review: A Winter Story

  1. Adorable series! They are treasured in our house as well. We were lucky to receive the series a few years back by friends whose teenagers were no longer going to read these books.

  2. These books have been on my shelf for 20 years, loved by all my children, and now my nieces , and grandchildren. cheers Marie

  3. Funny timing – I just checked this out at the library yesterday. Unfortunately they don’t have the whole series at our library, so I am searching for copies for our shelves.

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