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celebrating michaelmas, a golden hue…

And polish my crown to a golden hue.
Ask the gnomes the iron to mine,
Iron from the stars, from the earth, so fine,
To bring to the blacksmith, who with his might
Will make me a sword, so strong, so bright

our crowns all sewn up and ready to surprise the children!
from our story


here is a simple, easy and delightful project for michaelmas!
we dyed our wool with easter egg dye, using the golden yellow and orange to make this light gold.

hanging to dry silks and crowns

the children worked on wooden hoops with embroidery needle and thread.

thread the needle to and fro

they were very busy with their hands and looked forward to these quiet times of ” thread the needle to and fro here we go”…

as a surprise i waited to tell them just WHAT the project was for and the night before Michaelmas i sewed their handwork into crowns.
each child delighted in being crowned and knighted and it reminded us of the change in season that is upon us.

autumn is here…

feast of st. michael

we had a little ceremony of knighting each child before we ate our feast of dragon bread, figs, cheese and apples with honey!

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  1. I love that they sewed their crowns. So beautiful! and what a lovely space you have.

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