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Celebrating the Seasons: Spring!

Yes spring has sprung…and if you’re in Southern California, you might feel that Summer is pushing ahead in line. Best just to take a deep breath and stop. Stop to notice what’s in the garden. In our home and with many of my fellow Natural Kids Team members, what blooms in nature blesses our nature tables. The materials from nature evolve into the creations we make for our beloved customers. Yes spring has come! And in the virtual world of Etsy, it is evident in some of these lovely works:
Pictured above is detail from my own, Nushkie Design, needle felted tapestry, “Mother’s Love.

Beneath the Rowan Tree‘s “Heart of the Rose” play silk, floats on the breeze as children run across a yard, flying it high in the air. It is so soft, so lovely, you can almost smell the scent of roses wafting through the air.

Here is “April” by Dragonflyshollow ready for tea in the garden or a stroll in her pram.

In the distance a lamby calls out and hears its voice echo through the canyon…here is “Lilah” and organic lamb by Woolies.

While mommy and baby bunnies nuzzle on a soft bed of moss Oritdotan’s world.

Sometimes a little “Spring Garden Fairy” might visit the nature table by Fairiesnest.

Little hands may want to capture what they see in nature and keep it forever. Here is a lovely hand crafted flower press by Birchleafdesigns.

As spring arrives, join the fairy folk in a lazy swing in the hammock…Merrydaledolls has her little one swaying in the breeze.

FaerieRebecca has little bee finger puppets coming to her garden..

In Littleelfstoyshop, Mrs. Tittlemouse is doing her spring cleaning…Little hands may want to join her!

There are so many options from the Naturalkids Team for bringing nature indoors or enjoying natural toys and decor wherever small hands and eyes are present.
Enjoy the natural goodness of spring!…all its scents, textures and color…and be well!

Til next time,
Rebecca Varon
aka Nushkiedesign

3 thoughts on “Celebrating the Seasons: Spring!

  1. We’re coming into winter in Australia, but all these items are ver inspiring.

  2. Your post is so lovely! Thank you Nushkiedesign! Those NaturalKids are amazing!

  3. Thank you for reminding me about how wonderful spring is :o) We have had so much rain lately here in Memphis. The odd day of fresh air and bright sunshine finds us all outside. Its so wonderful to be a part of such a wonderfully creative group.

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