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Celebrating St-Jean-Baptiste

In the huge country that is Canada, there’s a province in which its people speaks proudly French ever since we arrived. There you will find a land of many rivers and luscious forests, and on June 24th, every city from the biggest to the smalls will lit a bonfire for its resident.

Weather on the shore of the Saint-Laurent or in the middle of a parking lot, people will assemble to celebrate what we truly feel is a nation apart from others. People sign and dance.

What our ancestors brought us was a pagan celebration of the Sun in this longest day, christianized to please the Church. St-Jean-Baptiste is still celebrated around the world, much in France, Belgium, Spain. There’s always a purifying fire. But here, it involved into a urge to celebrate our identity. Our uniqueness.

June 24th is our own July 1st, 4th or 14th. We celebrate our chore values like love, friendship, sharing,  justice, equity, loyalty, humour, charity, truth.

I like to believe we are a nation built from the best of every nations that stepped in to conquer the native’s land.  Our blood is full of French, English, Scottish, German, Irish, Italian and Native, and more recently African, Asian and Middle orient origins and we speak the most beautiful language in the world (well, to me!). Our faces shows so many different features, our skin goes from porcelain pink or red to the deepest brown. Our hair can be almost white (like my son!) to the darkest black (like my mom!).  The eyes of a baby will always be a surprise. Our French language borrows English and Dutch words for a wide range of expressions, and expressive we are!

So on the eve of June 23rd, have a bonfire and know for certain that 8 millions people celebrates with you. Sign and dance and have your favortie food and tell your family you love them!

And when midnight pass soon after the darkness arrives, tell everyone Bonne Saint-Jean!



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