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Do You Moo?

I don’t mean talk like a cow. I apologize if I insulted you.  By “mooing” I  mean  use Moo cards? As a small business owner branding is very important to me. In 2008 I started using these cool little business cards from the UK called Moo cards. I still love them. I recently had to order a new stash for the Holiday season. They are not exactly cheap. So I waited and waited until I was almost out. But finally I did order. I am sort of addicted to cute things.

One thing that had changed since my last order over a year ago, I noticed, was that they are now shipped from the US. Previous orders had always come from the United Kingdom and took a long time to get here. But the wait has always been worth the trouble.

I love these little things. I finally got around to adding a couple of new designs to my business card selection. Each one of my orders inludes at least one or two of these cute cards. Hope my customers are collecting them. Some day they’ll surely be worth oodles of money, right?

Here is the old selection of Moo cards from one of one of my first Moo orders:


       Here is the new set of cards. I added two dollface closeups. How do you like the partial doll photos?



I really liked that the new cards came in a pretty cassette type box with slots for each set of cards. Moo appears to be cutting down on waste by sending only 1 little card board box.  You can refill your box when you run out of cards. I like that! Anybody who is into recycling and cutting down on waste is a good friend of mine. No more throwing away of the little boxes! Not that I ever did. They are such cute boxes. I will use the empties I collected and put my new cards in them. Oh no, what do I do with the new cassette box?


I love Moo! They are the coolest little things. They are perfect for my product: Cute and cool. =)

6 thoughts on “Do You Moo?

  1. Yes I do MOO too ! I love them ! I love your new pictures on them !

  2. Those are so very cute! I haven’t tried them, but I’ve received a few with orders and I love them.

  3. I too love Moo cards! Have been including two of them with each order! One with the purchased product and one to hand out! It pays off! I am getting tons of views to my Etsy shop because of them! I also use many of their stickers! Well worth the $!


  4. I splurged with my last order and ordered some stickers too. They looks great next to the return address…Have you ever tried selling them?

  5. I LOVE the close-ups of the dolls. I think those are my favorites! I might have to give moo a try! Would I then be mooing?

    1. LOL. Yes, Muddy. Mooing is fun!

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