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We wish you …

In this holiday season, the Natural Kids team members would like to send their greatest wishes to each and everyone of you. We thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. You are so precious to us, as you give us the opportunity to fulfill our dreams and create what we love doing the most. We have worked just like Santa’s little elves in the past few months,  and we hope,  that our creations will bring to your cherished ones, many hours of  “natural”  fun and lots of Joy !!


“Wishing you the warmest holiday season!”

Sara aka Woolies

 ” May your heart be filled with softness and love, may your soul be filled with peace “

Julie Ouimet aka FeeVertelaine

 “I wish for a holiday where everyone has the chance to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.”

Kristi Ashley aka Tickety Bu

I wish that we recognize and appreciate each other as cousins in the family that is the human species.”

Farida Dowler aka Alkelda

“Wishing your winter days be filled with light, love and peace. Happy holidays!”

Julie Hunter aka This Cosy Life

” I wish everyone a happy new year full of creative inspiration! “

Dria Peterson aka Driaa

” I wish for a “Greener” 2012 and for all to revel in its beauty “

Wendy and Mojo aka BirchLeaf Designs

“Wishing that Angels may watch over you and your loved ones all year long! “

Ulla Seckler aka GermanDolls

” I wish for world peace “

…a picture of my Christmas wish, via Tiger Smith, 7 years old.

Kate Smith aka Poverty.Jane

” May your homes be filled with Seasonal Enchantment and Holiday Wonder! “
Beccijo aka  The Enchanted Cupboard

” Best wishes to all for a joyous holiday season! A healthy, happy new year in 2012 and beyond. Stay true to yourselves!”

Ariana Lyriotakis aka Niko & Nonnie

” I wish that everyone this year will accept each other and cherish the moments we have together.  I also wish that for the upcoming year we all try to be more conscious of each other, of those who suffer and have compassion to help those who cannot help themselves.  I wish that everyone gives their children an extra long tight hug and be absorbed in the moment of being with them. “

Brittaini Pulver aka Long Mountain Art

                                                                    ~ Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year !!!!! ~



     Julie Ouimet is from Québec, Canada. She

lives with her daugther,  in a little town in harmony with nature.

Creating is her passion, a way of life !!! She cultivates the earth during the warm season

and creates lovely waldorf inspired toys the whole year long…

You can visit her shop at FeeVertelaine.

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  1. Have a *fairy* merry Christmas xxx !!!!

  2. thanks so much for writing this post, Julie!

  3. what a sweet little post Julie! thank you for including us

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