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Dragonfly or Damselfly?

Here’s a dragonfly we found while camping… as it was having trouble flying.  We picked it up to move it to a better area to (hopefully) recover….

It's a ...?

Finding insects or animals in nature is a great springboard for learning.  Did you know that female ‘dragonflies’ are called ‘damselflies’?  Here are a few ways they are different: Dragonflies have larger bodies than damselflies, and their hind wings are usually larger as well… although it’s a bit hard to tell in my photo.  Damselflies have all four wings about the same size and shape.  As well damselfly eyes are very far apart, while dragonflies are quite close together  (sometimes meeting on top of the head).  Can you see the eyes in the photo??  It’s a… dragonfly!

 On Etsy there are many amazing ‘dragonfly’ finds, including this  beautiful window decoration Green and Blue Dragonflies by Harvest Moon by Hand , team member.



This little nature tidbit was brought to you by Natalie of Woolhalla, who keeps busy raising three children, making crafts from natural materials and being inspired by natural beauty.  It’s a good busy.  You can also find her sometimes blogging at

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