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Easter Craft: Dress-up EasterBunny

Maybe you can relate to the following problem: Having too many fabric scraps around the house. When you are doll maker you end up with lots of fabric scraps that are too small to make doll clothes with; yet too precious to throw away…I have to confess, when it comes to fabric, I am a terrible hoarder. Luckily I just found another cute craft that may help shrink the pile. Remember the frienship peg dolls from my February post? It’s fun to find projects that help your recycle!

So let me present to you my new cute Easter bunny craft.

A couple of years ago my sister sent me an Easter package. Besides yummy German chocolate, it held this darling bunny she made with her kids. Her bunny was made from construction paper and card stock only…

This weekend we created our own dress-up bunny. The kids and I had a blast making them!

All you need for this craft is:

1.Poster board or thick paper in white, black, brown, or bunny color
2.Fabric Scraps
3.Glue (we used Elmer’s for the clothing, but had to resort to hot glue gun for the bunnies neck…)

I am not much on making templates, so I scanned in the basic shapes you need for your dress-up bunny. You can use your own free form drawings too, but don’t fret to copy mine. You can make it as large or small as you feel right. Our finished bunnies measured around 7 inches from top of the ear to the feet.

Step 1: use your poster board or card stock to cut out one bunny body and one head with ears (white parts in the picture)

Step 2: cut from fabric scraps two sets of pants (making sure to flip the pattern over so they match), then cut one pocket, and one Easter Egg to go in the pocket.
Variation: For a girl bunny you can just leave out the v-shape divot and cut out a dress instead…

Step 3: glue the clothes onto the body. Pants or respective dress parts go on front and back. Then glue egg and pocket over the egg.

Step 4: Make a neck by braiding three pieces of yarn together. The little braided neck is about 1 inch long. Make a knot on each side. An adult (or authorized person) should now use a hot glue gun to glue the knots to the body and head part.

Step 5: Take a black marker or pen and add the bunnies face, then color in the ears.

Step 6: Poke a little hole in the top of the head, right above the eyes, and pull a piece of thread or strong twine through, loop around, and make knot in the back.

Done! You can hang your cute bunnies anywhere you like. They will look great hanging from an Easter bouquet or centerpiece on your table. We hung ours from the chandelier over the dining table. You could even make a cute Easter mobile with them. Or use them as an Easter card?

Happy Crafting!

2 thoughts on “Easter Craft: Dress-up EasterBunny

  1. That's pretty cute! I think my dd will love this one~ thanks for sharing!!

  2. Thanks, Natalie! Hope you get a chance to make some. The kids really enjoy them!

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