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Fletcher and the Falling Leaves

My girls and I picked this sweet book out at the library this week… it’s already a favorite. It tells the story of Fletcher the fox and his favorite tree.

Fletcher begins to notice “The world was changing. Each morning, when Fletcher bounded out of the den, everything seemed just a little bit different.” He begins to notice the once green forest turning to rich shades of gold… including his favorite tree, which was beginning to look “dull, dry and brown”.

Fletcher becomes very worried about his tree, not understanding the changes of autumn. He does everything he can to protect his tree’s leaves from being taken by the woodland animals and blown away by the wind
But, of course, try as he might every last leaf falls from the tree. In the end, autumn’s gold is replaced by the glittering icicles of winter and Fletcher declares “You are more beautiful than ever”.

This is such a  wonderful book to highlight the changing seasons, full of soft, warm images. And, it’s one that I love to read, just as much as my  girls love me reading it to them.

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves is available here, or check your local library.

Julie Hunter is a single mama raising 3 spirited girls, two babydoll sheep, angora rabbits and a gaggle of chickens and ducks in the North Carolina Foothills. She spends her days at home, crafting with her children, homeschooling, taking long gathering walks in the woods and knitting Waldorf-inspired toys. You can find her blogging and keeping shop at This Cosy Life.

3 thoughts on “Fletcher and the Falling Leaves

  1. What a sweet book! Those illustrations make me want to paint!

  2. Aawww it sounds so cute, I’ll have to look into this one! ^_^

  3. Oh, I’d forgotten all about this lovely book. I’m requesting it from our library right now!

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