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Food For Thought

So did you guess where last week’s quote came from ? Of course, it was from a shop I love dearly: the shop profile!

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One comment I received after posting last Wednesday gave me Food For Thought for this week.

Mary Richmond wrote:

“the single biggest thing moms can do to be green is pack green lunches, stop buying individual water bottles and snacks and recycle at home. OK, that’s not a single thing but they’re all related. i invite you to look at all the wrappers and containers that your family uses and disposes of every day… someone who works with kids every day I’m appalled at the waste otherwise smart families send to school every day…..use reusable containers for everything, use a Brita filter, use cloth napkins and real utensils (buy at thrift shops or yard sales so you don’t lose your good ones but kids are surprisingly good at this….) and make your own snacks….

So I did take a serious look at what and how I pack my kids’ lunches. All in all I think I am not doing too badly. We do use a Brita filter and refillable water bottles. We definitely stay away from those frightening “Lunch ables”. A cracker, a small container of ketchup, and some cheese wrapped in plastic. Who in the world came up with that idea? Very little food and lots of trash for more money. But oh so convenient…

I make the children sandwiches or quesadillas, with a side of fresh fruit and vegetables. Takes about 15 minutes. You can put them in boring Tupperware containers or you could use one these cool lunch wraps by

Wow, isn’t that pretty? What a great idea! I have to get some for the children and husband. Just imagine opening your lunchbox and looking at that instead of some ugly cardboard box…Makes me hungry just to look at that wrapper!

And then of course, there is always the possibility to choose snacks that have a natural wrapper: how about bananas, oranges, and apples?

Have a great week, and enjoy many healthy snacks!


9 thoughts on “Food For Thought

  1. Oh I so agree! And packing a lunch in reusable containers is also cheaper…save money and the planet!

  2. Wonderful article:)

  3. I have just made the switch myself. No more paper towels, disposable napkins, paper plates or plastic sandwich baggies for us…ever! We are now using washable napkins and paper towels, sandwich wraps which can be unwrapped and used as a plate while eating and little glass bottles for our water instead of throw away plastic bottles. It feels good!!

  4. Oooh I just love this article and I think I need to get some of those lovely sandwich wraps from Gopita!

  5. how are we supposed to contact you? 😉

    i completely agree with your previous comment about washing lines too! driers are a last resort here 🙂

  6. Ulla, I definitely agree about our disposable society! We really work hard to use reusable ups, silverware, and dishes. It’s better to wash than to toss! And when we ask one of the girls to get a napkin for the dinner table, it’s always cloth 🙂 Wonderful article, and, as usual, thought-provoking!

  7. Please, send me a conversation on etsy if you want to be entered in the drawing! I’ll contact the winner after next Wednesday.=)

  8. Ulla thanks for writing this to spread the word. My SIL also cuts up old towels when they have holes or stains in them and they make great absorbent cloth napkins for juicy fruits, etc. 🙂

  9. great article. We try to do as much as we can, and are getting better. If everyone just did a little bit, it would make a big difference.

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