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A fresh start !!!

I tell myself every years now since I started this FeeVertelaine ”adventure”, that I should take the habit of cleaning the studio in January …right after the Holiday ”ToRNaDo”. I work like a little Santa’s elf from October to December  and I’m sure you can imagine what my messy studio ends up looking like… please imagine, as I will not show it to you….hi!hi!  In french we say ” Je vais me garder une petite gêne quand même!”

But yet I never did it…I was to excited after the holidays  to come back in and start making my precious dolls and toys again….

Well, believe it or not, this year I DID IT !!! …and not to mention how happy I am to start a new year in a FRESH and clean studio…So I felt like sharing some pictures  with you today … 


{ I love that my room is filled with bright light….I have big  windows to see nature….this is precious to me… }


{ Oh well I know that my little baskets  are still filled with felt pieces …but honestly how can I throw away wool !? }


{ Here is the space where I put my future doll inspiration….hummmm…. }

I always love to see other studios, so now here’s mine…. very simple, but a happy place where my imagination comes alive !!

If you are wondering what  item that I create in this ”special place” of mine, you can go visit my Etsy shop.

I hope you enjoy <3

~*I will take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful new year 2013…may your heart be filled with love …all the best to you !!*~

~Julie xo

8 thoughts on “A fresh start !!!

  1. Great job! I don’t dare to take a picture of my room. . . still to much of a disaster, but I do have plans to do it eventually.

    1. hi!hi! Andrea…I would be a bit shy to show mine in some other time of the year as well 🙂 …but ”messy” means it ”crafty” and filled with creative moment inside the studio…that is such a marvelous thing I think !!

  2. love it, so bright and airy. right now I have a cabinet to keep it all in and a kitchen table. For now it’s good. : )

    1. I’m sure this cabinet must be a ”magical” place Becca <3

  3. I can never decide at what point a piece of felt is too small to throw it away. I could use some guidelines. LOL

    1. hi!hi! Ulla!! I kind of do have the same problem…see my basket!! Oh well…. if they are too small for me to cut a little round inside of them (5 mm diameter) then I throw away…if not I keep ! I guess it depend what you use it for 🙂

  4. So delightful! I wish my crafts were half as organized!

    1. Thanks Kristin <3 I wish you a ''super perfect'' craft space one day, where you will feel great and creative !!

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