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Friday Interview with Mamakopp

Hi all! Here’s another interview with a member of the NaturalKids team. Meet Mamakopp whose wonderful shop is full of amazing woodwork toys, fun stamps, and way cool robot arm bands! Come and get to know her…

What is the main thing you make and sell in your store? What else do you make and/or sell?
The main things I sell in my shop are wooden toys. I started wood working long ago. Four years, but got into making things with a scroll saw over two years ago. When I discovered nature tables, I couldn’t afford the sweet wooden animals from the German companies so I asked for a scroll saw for my birthday and received it! I have been making the fox, raccoon, skunk and mole with the same template I hand drew then. I make all my own templates. Drawing is something I do in my spare time. I hope to soon to share some of my drawings on Etsy too. I also knit and make stamps. I make books for my kids and sew.

Who if anyone has been instrumental in helping you hone your craft? Where do you get your inspiration?
My children. Often a new design comes from those eager little voices asking for mommy to make this or that. The griffin and phoenix were a request from my son Lucas. My children always get the first of anything I make. Also inspiration comes from the natural world and my innate desire to always create and always challenge myself to take it a step further. It helps to be selling as well 🙂 This always keeps me going, knowing that my work is appreciated and loved. I love being a part of heirloom toy making. I think often about all the neat toys my grandchildren will have that my children played with and loved. Some I made and some they made. I enjoy doing this for other families as well.

What are your favorite materials?
I LOVE to work with wood. My drawing abilities come shining through in a three dimensional work. That’s neat. I also like to knit and sew.

What advice would you give other Etsy sellers and those interested in opening up a shop?
Take it slow and enjoy the process. It’s a wonderful feeling to find yourself through art, if you are true to the process.

What advice would you give to beginners in your main craft?
Take it slow. Don’t let the scroll saw intimidate you. Buy the good stuff.

What is your Etsy shop address and name? Where else can we find you?

11 thoughts on “Friday Interview with Mamakopp

  1. Hello Lorilee..I enjoyed reading your interview…my only complaint…wish it had been longer!! :0) Thanks for your beautiful one-of-a-kind, original works of art!! 🙂 (your wooden toys)

  2. All I have to say is WOW! I have looked at your stuff and it is AMAZING! All these critters and creations are so imaginative. The woodwork, artwork and craftsmanship is some of the highest quality I have seen in a while in wooden toys , and I am into wood and natural toys! I will definitely be purchasing some of you creatures for my little ones! Great job!

  3. i love your stuff, lorilee. actually i am completely addicted!!! xoxox

  4. Beautiful work, and I loved reading your interview too!

  5. Such a great talent!! Wonderful interview too:) We love your whimsies!!

  6. Thank you so much! I am feeling the love 🙂

    I love being part of this wonderful group of talented artists.

    Your compliments humble me…

  7. I LOVE mamakopp’s wooden toys. I might be needing a present for myself one day very soon….

  8. We love, love, love all of our Mamakopp items 🙂 Great interview, Jenn–and nice to learn more about Lorilee!

  9. Lovely interview! I love your unique designs!

  10. Great interview. I just adore your wood toys mamakopp. ^_^

  11. Such sweet wood toys! Yes, they do remind me of the ones you can buy in Germany. They are a LOT more expensive there…
    THANKS for making them for us to enjoy. I love looking at your pictures!

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