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fun for mama, good for mama . . .

A fallen tree branch with bark, some sandpaper, twig, leaf. I would bet these are common things that can be found in most back yards or woods. In as little as ½ an hour you and your kiddo can create a boat or other natural toy to spark your child’s imagination.

As a mama and a crafter, these two roles often mesh together in my parenting. I realize more and more how crafting with my children is fun for me, but also incredibly valuable to mama earth. Crafting change for our world really is in our hands. By taking time to create with your children with natural materials you are teaching them valuable lessons:

*instills value in what they create.
*shares an awareness of what and where the materials come from that they are creating with, and the long term affect of when it is done- heirloom but also naturally sustainable.
*reduces purchasing pre-made from unknown sources, and encourages a DIY lifestyle.

Now that some beautiful weather is here, take a nature walk and see what you can find along the way whether it be a twig, acorn, rock and see what you can create. One of the things I love about being on the Natural Kids Team is the amazing natural children’s items that are made, but also the variety of kits and other items that encourage us to turn off the TV, get out the craft supplies and create something that is so simple yet so powerful for our children’s imaginations. The fun part for me is also when it is time to give a gift we head down to the art table and make something together instead of shopping.

Be sure to check out some great items from the Natural Kids Team to help you on your creative journey with your children. Here are some fun things to start off with:

Have fun crafting! And check this oldie but goodie book that I was gifted to discover as a child with my aunt, The Best of Making Things by Anne Wiseman.
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