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Get organized!

During Christmas most online sellers experience a high volume of sales. But even if you don’t have many sales yet – (don’t be sad they will come in time!) – it is crucial to stay organized when you run an online business. So today I want to give a little pep talk on how to keep your ducks in a row. Nothing makes a customer more happy than receiving their order in a speedy fashion. Of course, you want to make sure that while sending things fast you don’t send the wrong item to the wrong person.

My first big piece of advice is:
1.Write yourself a note for every order that comes in!
I have a pad of sticky notes on my desk next to the computer. For each order I get I make a note as I receive it. On that note I write the following information:
the name of the buyer – his or her etsy ID,
the item(s) they ordered,
the date of purchase.
the shipping address they give on etsy

I stick these notes on the window behind my sewing machine. Since I work on a “first-come-first-serve basis” I arrange the orders by date they were received on. As I work on the orders and ship the items I take the sticky notes off the window and rearrange them! It really works well!
If it is a bigger custom order I use a big sheet of paper to write every detail down!
2.When I get ready to wrap and ship items I have noticed that it is important to attach the name to each item you wrap up! Nothing more annoying than having a nicely wrapped gift sitting on your table and not knowing who it needs to go to. Or even worse having it all boxed up and taped without the address on the box…That’s a real time waster! I like to wrap doll clothes in tissue paper, use organic ruffia for ribbon, and tie a “thank you” note and Moo card with ribbon to it. If the note is personalized – has the name of the buyer – it gives it a nice personal touch while at the same time helping you to identify the wrapped item =).
3. Getting it ready for shipping: Next I take my sticky note with the address, stick it on my outer packaging, cross reference the etsy address with the one given on paypal. Voila! If it all matches I can ship the item out. If not, rats! Now I have to convo the buyer and confirm what address it needs to go to.
4. I take all big orders, doll orders , and international shipments to the Post Office in person. Smaller envelopes I usually hand over to my trusty mail carrier when she delivers my mail.

I think this system of mine works really well. But please feel free to comment and add some tips to my list!

8 thoughts on “Get organized!

  1. Thanks for a wonderful article! I will remember your system for if and when I get anywhere near that busy 🙂

  2. Ulla,

    Great tips although I am not in need of them at the moment (hopefully soon). If I ever become that busy I think it would be a great system to adopt!

    Thanks for all you words of wisdom!

  3. Very useful tips, and so easily explained. Thanks!

  4. Ulla…wow, I am impressed at how organized you are! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Kind of funny. I have not sales for the last few days. All of a sudden everything stopped dead. One just never knows with online sales. The flow and ebb…
    I have one more big order to ship and I will enjoy the family and not have to worry. Yay. Unless I get a second flood! Thanks for all your comments!

  6. great tips Ulla, and I really enjoyed your follow up article on your personal blog too! 🙂

  7. Thanks, Becky! Hope those order will start coming again…

  8. Great Idea..Looks easy to do and keeps it all organized!

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