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Grandmother Winter-Book Review

With the Winter Solstice just around the corner we’ve begun bringing out our winter book collection. I think our very favorite has to be ‘Grandmother Winter’, written by Phyllis Root and illustrated by Beth Krommes. This magical book is a perfect read for those cold and snowy (or wishing for snow) days.
It tells the story of Grandmother Winter living all alone with her flock of snow white geese. In the spring and summer she cares for the geese and collects their feathers when they flap a “storm of feathers”. She then stitches a beautiful quilt and fills it full of the feathers.  But when she shakes her quilt, that’s when the real magic happens!

As the snow falls all the animals fluff and burrow and find a cozy spot to sleep.

The story is rhythmical and charming and the illustrations are pure magic. We’re still awaiting our first snow of the year here, but for now we’re dreaming of snowy days to come when Grandmother Winter shakes her feather quilt.

Julie Hunter is a wife and mama, raising 3 spirited girls, two babydoll sheep, angora rabbits and a gaggle of chickens and ducks in the North Carolina Foothills. She spends her days at home, crafting with her children, homeschooling, taking long gathering walks in the woods and knitting Waldorf-inspired toys. You can find her blogging and keeping shop at This Cosy Life.

3 thoughts on “Grandmother Winter-Book Review

  1. Oh that seems like such a lovely book…thanks Julie for introducing it <3

  2. Looks like a great book!

  3. Great review with photos. Thanks!

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