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Helping Vanessa

If you are a member of the Waldorf Doll Making Community you may have heard of this event: The Hearts for Vanessa Auction. If not please go visit today and check out the wonderful selection of items that a group of over 80 doll makers and artists donated.

Who is Vanessa? She is young woman from Brooklyn, NY who recently lost her husband. You can read her story on the auction site.

I am proud to say that a number of doll makers on the NaturalKids team stepped up to give for this course. Honestly, I wasn’t sure in the beginning. You know it’s hard when you get requests for donations almost every single day in your Etsyshop. Our family is not rich and I have been struggling with the fact that we have not been able to afford to visit my family in Germany for almost 8 years now.

But I think we always need to leave space in our heart to give to those in need. So I decided to donate a little dress I made for Valentine’s Day. With the hearts it seemed to fit the theme perfectly… I am awed by the fact that in less than 24 hours it has been bid up to $52. I am so happy that I could help Vanessa and her kids. Please, check out the auction and bid or make a donation if you can!

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  1. I was so happy to see you there also Ulla 🙂 My little elf is going to be up today …I can’t wait to see how it goes !! { Like I said before… } I’m very honored to be a part of it. I can only imagine the pain that may be inside the heart of Vanessa….but I’m sure to receive such generosity will at least heal a part who feel alone right now…. With this auction, I hope many people will feel related and united to each other!! It’s a chance to say loud that we care about each other and everyone of us can make a difference in someone life ♥ thank you ♥ Happy bidding people !!

    1. Your elf is precious! Hope lots of people bid on it!

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