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How to make a Winter Wattle Fairy Doll

This week’s How-To is How to make a Winter Wattle Fairy Doll by Amber from Mama Moontime.

Take a pipe cleaner about 10 cm long. (10 cm is approx. 4 inches, ed.)

Thread on a bead for a head and twist pipe cleaner over it to secure.

Take a second pipe cleaner and twist it around the first, just below the bead.
The closer to the bead, the better to later hide the ‘neck’.

Trim arms to a natural looking size, plus a few millimetres to
bend over to secure the fleece in the next step.

Take a 1cm wide strip ( half inch, ed.) of natural coloured fleece sliver.
Place it about 1cm (half inch, ed.) from the end.
(Spotlight sells Merino lengths which will be fine for a small project)
Contact me if you have any difficulty sourcing fleece in your area and I’ll point you in the right direction.

Wind the fleece towards the tip, trying to keep the sliver as wide
as possible to prevent wiry threads appearing.

At the end, turn over the tip to secure the fleece for long term

longevity of the doll then wind back towards the body.

Any excess fleece can be wound around the body in a diagonal,

either way, as this will be hidden under the dress.

Follow the same instructions to wrap the other arm.
Loop up the bottom pipe cleaner for safe keeping.

Take a long length of green fleece, about 25cm long (that’s about 10 inches, ed.)
Split into two, long ways.

Place it over the ‘shoulders’ of the fairy.

Cross the lengths over, both at the front and the back and

gently pull it down to make the bust of the dress firm, and not puffy.

Take a small sliver of yellow fleece.
Wrap it around body under bust to secure the dress.

Gently shape the ‘dress’ into a pointed shape.

Give her a ‘shampoo’ of glue.

Then attach a 8 cm length of gold fleece for her hair. (8 cm is approx. 3 inches, ed.)

Embellish as you wish!
I have used small yellow beads as the wattle flower, and a golden thread for her crown.
I also threaded a fine cotton thread up through the back of the head where the pipe cleaner holds the bead, so she can hang above the nature table.

The actual paper ‘invitation’ hangs on this thread.
It is a simple ‘fire’, signifying the light of the winter candle that burns through the dark nights.

Happy Creating!

This tutorial is brought to you by Natalie, of Woolhalla.

Please visit Amber (pictured above!) at: where you can see her original post plus other tutorials. Amber also teaches workshops and blogs on other natural crafts, eco-living & parenting in Australia.

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  10. Thank you for featuring my How-to! And thank you for your lovely comments friends! Many more how-to's to come in 2011 too!

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