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Interview and Giveaway With Enchanted Cupboard

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This week’s giveaway is coming from Beccijo of The Enchanted Cupboard. Let’s take a peek into her magical world and get to know her a little better.
Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am a passionate artist who loves to be creative with toys. I am a work-at-home-mom who homeschools my 4 children while running The Enchanted Cupboard. My family now lives in a small town in Central PA. We are enjoying the country life and all it has to offer. This year we also opened a store in town with the same name as my etsy shop, The Enchanted Cupboard.

What inspires your creations?
My own childhood inspired many of my beginning series of toys like The Fairy Ring, and Mermaid Tales. I had a large imagination as a child and am a lucky adult who never lost it. As I started to create more items, my kids inspired me with what they like to pretend and how they liked to do hands on learning. Over the last 3 years I have added many wonderful items in my shop. This past year I have worked on adding many educational toys as well as adventure toys that appeal specifically to boys although any child can enjoy them.

What are your favorite materials to use?
I love working with wood but my first love is painting. I put a lot of details into my work, each item is it’s own work of art. I have started working with material and felt as well as needle felting as a way to expand my playsets.

How do you balance your family life with creating?
Living in balance is always a goal for each day, but not always something that happens. Some days I need to work more and other days the family needs me and I don’t get to the studio. Being okay with both is the really key to keeping it all working smoothly. I am very organized and love the process of keeping everything “just so.” This year I am working on simplifying my life and house… It is a work in process. Every box of items that goes to charity brings a freeing feeling to my soul.

When did you start creating and how do you encourage children’s creativity?
I have always created things and can’t remember a time I was not doing so. When I was 8 yrs. old I took 4 boxes that were the same size and stacked them with tape. My mother got me an outdated book of wallpaper samples and carpet samples. In no time I had made the best Barbie house! I used recycled items as furniture and house accessories. From there I moved on to making smaller versions out of cigar boxes. My mother really loved to feed my creative side. I loved working with different media but always had a passion for painting.

I want to give that same opportunity to my children so, like my mother I make sure I offer lots of encouragement and support for my kids creativity. I keep lots of art and craft supplies as well as recycled items for my kids. My husband gives the children the scrap parts from cutting out my creations, I love seeing what they turn them into! I keep everything in the kids reach so they can get to it with little help. This also keeps my day running smoothly and my kids happily engaged in activities. We are a very creative family!



Today Beccijo is offering a $50 gift certificate to be used in her Etsy shop.

Here’s how to enter;
Visit The Enchanted Cupboard and leave us a comment letting us know what your favorite item in her shop is.

For additional entries;

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We will choose a winner randomly on November 17th, 2011. (Please, make sure we have a way to contact you!)


62 thoughts on “Interview and Giveaway With Enchanted Cupboard

  1. The Enchanted Cupboard looks like an amazing Etsy store!! I loved the Autumn Table Set with all of the beautiful Autumn trees, but it is a toss up, because I also think the fairy tale sets are wonderful as well. What a fun shop- it has no been added to my favorites. Great Giveaway!

  2. I also follow Natural Kids blog. 🙂

  3. I have “liked” The Enchanted Cupboard on Facebook.

  4. I have also shared this Giveaway on Facebook. Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  5. Lovely items, the shop was already on my favourites list. My boys would really like the dinosaurs!

  6. I’m a follower of the Natural Kids Team blog

  7. I liked the Enchanted Cupboard via my ziezo FB account

  8. I love the Complete Autumn Nature Table Play set, wonderful collection of natural toys

  9. Im a follower of Natural kids

  10. I liked on Facebook

  11. How to pick a favourite, they are all so lovely. But going by my daughters current fascination with all things unicorn I’d have to pick the unicorn family… That would make my daughters birthday!!! Thanks for the chance to win..

  12. I shared this on facebook xx

  13. I ‘liked’ the enchanted cupboard on face book 🙂

  14. I already follow the Natural Kids blog 🙂 4 chances to win! woohoo!!

  15. The pumpkin stacker or the fairy bake sale set. Love it!

  16. Oh, wonderful!!! I love the ocean waves stacker. 🙂

  17. I am a follower of the Natural Kids Blog.

  18. I’m a fan of Enchanted Cupboard on facebook.

  19. I shared the giveaway on facebook.




  23. I love the family of 5 (being part of such a family myself!) but I suspect my kids would like the dinosaurs (velociraptor!) and pirates more. (:

  24. I LOVE her stuff! It provides for such imaginative play!! I think her fairies and her mermaids are my favorite sets. (And the sea anemones too!!)

    maria at dirtundermynails dot com

  25. There are so many adorable things, but the rainbow stacker looks like SO much fun (and like a great way to practice colors)

  26. Beautiful things, I loved the birthday party playbox the most! And I think my daughters dollhouse would love it too!

  27. Now I also like them on facebook 😉

  28. Now I have also twitred about the NK-blog.

  29. I like the Pirate Island dolls and play set. I especially liked the story behind the toys. Blackbeard was born wealthy and fought as a sailor in Queen Anne’s war before leading a band of pirate ships in the Caribbean. He was known to use non violent scare tactics. His ship Queen Anne’s Revenge was a captured French slave ship, he freed the slaves and gave it’s crew a smaller ship.

    1. Thanks for adding to the story! My grandmother always talk about him but not much detail, just said he was a pirate version of Robinhood! Love family history!! I will add this info to my listings about him!

  30. I also follow the blog (that’s how I heard about this giveaway) and friended on facebook.

  31. […] To find out more about The Enchanted Cupboard and to enter a $50 shopping spree in my online shop go to The NaturalKids Team Website! […]

  32. The waldorf fairy kitchen rocks!!!!

  33. the bunkbed bedroom set is so cute!

  34. i follow the NaturalKids blog through google reader

  35. I follow the Natural Kids blog 🙂

  36. I like The Enchanted Cupboard on Facebook!

  37. How do I pick a favorite?! I really like the wooden stackers and the seasonal forests 🙂 Oh but I just saw the wooden fairy kitchen…that is cute! That might be my favorite, I’ve always loved miniature things 🙂
    Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  38. oooooooooooooooooooh!!!!
    of course it is near impossible to choose a favorite, but if i MUST, then i love the stacking mushroom.

  39. I love the wooden tree toy. So gorgeous!

  40. So many faves in this shop! But I’m really wanting the ORIGINAL Variegated Four Seasons Playsilk Set (35″ square) for my kiddos.

  41. I follow the NaturalKids blog.

  42. I like The Enchanted Cupboard on Facebook.

  43. I love looking at Enchanted Cupboards gorgeous toys – we love the rainbow stacker and dragon!

  44. I love the Enchanted Cupboard! I’d say I really like the rainbow tiny sorting acorns.

  45. I follow the NaturalKids Blog.

  46. I love too many to list! I do remember going on Etsy for the first time a few years ago when we were first venturing down our Waldorf Homeschooling path and this shop came up first. I loved the colour coated bowls for my toddlers. A gift certificate would be awesome!

    PS I love the simplicity of the trees. All of them 😉

  47. I love the Wooden Fairy Doll, Charm School Playset, any little (or big) person would love playing with this set, I love this store.

  48. I just liked The Enchanted Cupboard on Facebook. Thanks for the opportunity!

  49. I also follow Natural Kids blog

  50. I checked out The Enchanted Cupboard’s site and discovered so many lovely wooden toys. I love the pirate island playset for my son. Most of the pirates and sets out there are plastic and somewhat scary. These are lovely and will last. My kids attend a Waldorf school, so expect to be purchasing some of these for home:)

  51. So many wonderful items to choose from! I love the Autumn nature table set. Thanks for the giveaway and holiday shopping inspiration.

  52. I follow the blog

  53. I like Enchanted Cupboard on facebook

  54. i love the bee keeping playbox! it is absolutely adorable!

  55. I love the fairy kitchen for 2 and the acorn arch. The rainbow draghon also caught my eye. Thank you for sharing your lovely toys with us…beautiful!

  56. I love the motessori sorting sets… especially the mushroom one. But all her items are gorgeous! 🙂

  57. I like enchanted cupboard on facebook 🙂
    xtine {at}

  58. I love the autumn set as well! Great giveaway!

  59. I love the playsilks and the colorful wooden bowls!

  60. There are so many cute things here, but I have had my eye on the rainbow stacker for a while now! So great!

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