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Last minute egg dyeing

{Kool~Aid dyed fresh eggs}


This year we did an array of natural dyes at our playschool. We started with raspberries, beets, and a red cabbage/blueberry mix. We were fond of the colors, but they were very faint. (In part due to using white store-bought eggs, which somehow seemed to repel the dye).
So the next day (and day before our big Spring Egg Hunt) we decided to dye up some more eggs.

{dyes are easy to mix, simple & beautiful}


This time we used our own hen’s lovely eggs (ranging form light pale brown to green).

{our own fresh eggs, compliments to the hens: watermelon, buttercup and speckling!}

I had some left over packages of Kool-Aid from a wool dyeing project over the summer. I busted them out, added some hot water, the children stirred and the adventure began! The neat thing about Kool-Aid is that not only do you not have to use any vinegar, your house actually comes alive with these warm all to familiar scents of Kool-Aid.

{lovely hues of orange}

Think summers by the lake! I know it sounds a bit odd, but the smells just cheered me! And the eggs came out so lovely and bright.

Another neat thing about Kool-Aid dyes are that the next day they look almost nothing like they did when you first dyed them and tucked them into their egg crates. Something magical happens as they dry!

To get started:
We used wide mouth mason jars, they are sturdy and the colors just look so magical all layed out in them!
We added 1 packet of Kool-Aid per 6 oz of hot water.
Add eggs slowly to mixture and let sit about 10 min.
Retrieve eggs carefully and snug into egg carton, let dry on the counter about 10 min before putting away in the fridge.
And…wait for the magic!

{surprising patterns emerge}

Hope you and yours have a lovely Easter!

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  1. I love this! The eggs are so beautiful! Will have to give this a try!

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