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New Listings from the Team

As of this morning!

14 thoughts on “New Listings from the Team

  1. Oh I love those owls!

  2. Another owl…. love them 🙂

  3. What a busy team…Wonderful!

  4. Wow such cheerful colors!!

  5. Oh, those hand felted slippers from Vitalakim look gorgeous!

    Thanks so much for including our needle felted Easter eggs!

  6. Those slippers look like a cozy fit to our rainy day here! They would be great to wear and snuggle with a book and the kids!
    I think they are kids size, but a girl can dream!

  7. all so cute! i'm in love with polarbear's owl! have you all seen this?

  8. I'm loving the stuffed owl! So so cute!!

  9. The owl is adorable!!!

  10. Hi!,
    I love your blog. So Many gorgeous things:)

  11. I'm loving the simplicity of the wooden easter eggs as we draw near to celebrating Easter.

  12. Such lovely new items!!!

  13. Such a lovely collection of colorful beauties!
    Blessings and magic!

  14. I want one of each…especially the baby in the cocoon!

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