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The Little Old Lady Whispering Hush…

My favorite place to shop for dollmaking supplies is a little local craftstore. When I go the Country Crafts in Greeley, Colorado, it feels a little bit like going back in time. It is sad to think that there are so few Mom and Pop shops left in our town. Country Crafts is rather a Mom and Daughter operation.

The store reminds me of a tiny grocery store where we shopped as I grew up in Germany. My mom would send us kids with a long list of groceries each weekend. Yes, they still marked down your items in a little book, and you could pay at the end of the month or whenever… Going to the store was ever so much fun. Visiting, was as much about socializing as it was about getting the groceries needed for the week.

That’s exactly how I feel when I shop at Country Crafts. I buy all the floss for embroidering my dolls’ faces from Jean and Sherry Baker. No matter how good a deal big  chain stores might have – I would never buy floss from them.

If only everybody would support little shops like that. Maybe they would stay in business and multiply?

I’ll never forget my first visit to Country Crafts. I wanted to weep for joy. Here is a place where you can talk to people behind the counter who actually know about crafting. Whenever you enter the store you will find Jean sitting in her rocking chair. I am not certain of her age. But her beautiful aging hands – suffering from terrible arthritis – are always working on an amazing piece of crosstitch work.

One Christmas my husband went to the store to shop for a Christmas gift for me. He came back laughing, saying: “You didn’t tell me that the lady from the Good Night Moon story works there.” Remember the old classic? The part about the little old Lady whispering “hush”? If you want to meet her in real life you must visit the Country Crafts Shop! I hope my hands will hold up and I won’t quit crafting till the day I die.


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  1. Wish there was a wonderful shop like that near me!

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