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Living a Dream and Making Dreams Happen


I recently moved to my dream location. Close to a large Steiner school for my kids and in the middle of a village with many of my favorite teachers, authors and role models in the Steiner world living all around me. This move was huge for my family and continues to be a real leap of faith. A few years prior my husband mentioned a pearl of wisdom someone had shared with him about dreams. They said if you wanted to learn something, create a group for it to be taught. Sort of a “build it and they will come” mantra. Well once we moved here that is what I did. Teaming up with a local handcraft teacher I have started a winter knitting group, children welcome. The women who have come have all been such bright souls and sharing such a soothing meditation such as knitting with new friends has already proven to be a highlight of my week. It is so easy to get stuck in the solitude of our passions.  Do you have a way that you bring community to your craft life?

3 thoughts on “Living a Dream and Making Dreams Happen

  1. This is very inspiring! It reminds me of : “If opportunity doesn’t knock, built a door”.
    We’ve just moved as well… I’m kind of lost in this very big city (Québec city) at least big to us. When you’re used to have the river and the fields as neighboor and know all the people in your town, here it feels very lonely.

    I congratulate you for your courage!

  2. Quebec city is big, and although very beautiful, it feels formal to me. We moved into a community after living in a very rural area. It is a huge adjustment that I don’t think I have even touched upon because I am so focused on the kids moving through their transition. I look forward to seeing some bright maple colours coming from you Andreann!

  3. Yes, a lovely post, dreams can happen if you put the thoughts out there into the universe, cheers Marie

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