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little spring places

while Spring arrives quickly to other places ….  we find ourselves  looking at even the littlest greening things to know that she will be returning just as always ….

little bits found while searching for spring

here is some of what we find as the land starts to green from its shade of brown …


and some other little things we found as well …


and here is what we do …


in tiny cups  and glasses ….


and jars that still have no purpose ….


we make little green worlds while we wait for Spring …

 hello,  I am Pamela of  prettydreamer.   I am mama to a lovely prettydreamer  of my own.  I am still in love with toys,  storybooks and fairy tales of all kind.  I love trees, rocks, maps and unknown places and stumbling upon ideas turned upside-down, folk hands  and honest traditions that run deep. and all the other friendly playful things that function or are simply made to bring joy





3 thoughts on “little spring places

  1. So cool, cheers Marie

  2. How beautiful, Pamela!

  3. Great post! I like the little worlds you created!

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