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Make (delicious) artichokes

Today’s how-to recipe is from Donni of the Etsy shop Fairyfolk, full of delightful + magical felted acorns, toys, terrariums and more.

Make (delicious) artichokes

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Oh how I love an artichoke… it’s the combination of their earthy flavor, the peeling of their green petals and the yummyness of the dipping sauce. I feel simple and sophisticated, all at once.
Lucky me… I had an artichoke for lunch today!
This is how I cook them…
I rinse them in water to wash them and get any little lingering bugs out of them.

Cut off the stalks with a knife.

The little spikes on the ends of the petals can be a nuisance. I cut them off before cooking by using a knife to cut off the tips of the petals.

And then I use scissors to trim the spikes off the remaining petals.
Place the trimmed artichokes in a steamer, stem up.

Steam for about 30 minutes or until stalk bases are tender.
My favorite dipping sauce is balsamic vinaigrette. I mix equal parts balsamic vinegar with olive oil and a little salt to taste (yes, I love balsamic!) Whisk together until it emulsifies and… Voila!
Melted butter is another great artichoke sauce, as is lemon butter or mayonnaise.
Peel a petal, dip it into the sauce and eat the soft flesh at the base of the petal. It’s delicious!!
When you come to the heart, use a spoon to gently scrape the hairs away, leaving the tender heart. What’s left is pure delicacy.
I cooked 4 today. As no one else in my family eats artichokes, guess what I’m having for lunch tomorrow, the next day and the day after? Lucky me!

What’s in Fairyfolk’s shop? These spring golden yellow acorns are so lovely!

11 thoughts on “Make (delicious) artichokes

  1. Wow! Those look so yummy! They also look like a bit of work to cook up…but oh, so worth it!

  2. Artichokes…YUM!!!

  3. Great tutorial on how to cook them!
    Now I just have to find some … :0)

  4. Those acorns are so cute!!! Love them!!

  5. Oh, I love the idea of this sauce instead of a pure butter dip.
    Thank you!
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  6. Guess what I am adding to the grocery list this weekend! Yummmmmmm!!

  7. one of my favorites! (& the only thing still alive in my little neglected farm.)

  8. OK, the mystery is finally revealed! Now I really can't wait for my artichoke plants to mature!!! Thx.

    aka Nushkie

  9. Thank you for this tutorial… I haven't really known how to prepare artichokes. Looking forward to trying it soon!

  10. Your recipe looks like fun. I just wish their was more food for all the effort one puts into those things…!

  11. simply divine!
    You have taken me back – this is how my mama used to prepare them (except she used to boil them)…we ate them with a simple oil and vinegar dressing….
    a bit fiddly but so delicious, and a much superior taste to the canned variety, and most definitely worth it once you taste.
    Thanks for sharing.

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