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Make a Mandala Spinning Top \ Dreidel from an old CD – Tutorial .

To make this Spinning top you will need:

An Old CD, a marble, paper, scissors, glue, hot glue gun.

You may also need, depending on the type of decoration you choose to apply to your spinning top: colored pencils or markers, colored paper, or whatever you fancy like stickers, glitter. Etc.

dreidel tutorial

1. The first step is to choose how you want to decorate your Spinning top.

There are a few options:

* Print out a pre-made Mandala and color it in.

* Print a blank circle and design your own Mandala.

* Print blank circles on colored paper, fold and cut, to make a paper-cut Mandala.

* Print a blank circle and decorate it freestyle with markers, stickers and glitter (this option is suitable for the younger kiddos).

I have drawn four Mandalas for your use, the first page has Mandalas with large areas to color in, suitable for younger children:

Large mandala

The second page has Flower themed Mandalas, with smaller shapes to color in:

Flower mandalas

When printing make sure you print “true to size” and NOT “Fit to page”.

If you want to make a Hanukkah Dreidel, print out one of the Hanukkah themed Mandalas. These were made by Tehila, an Israeli kindergarten Teacher who has kindly allowed us to use her artwork on our blog.

Hanukkah mandala1

Hanukkah mandala2

Hanukkah mandala3

To print blank circles, click here:

Blank circles

2. After you have printed your selected Mandala, cut around the the outer circle and then cut out the small circle in the middle, where the disk has a hole (you can also color first, and cut later, of course).

making a Spinning top

If you are making a paper cut Mandala, cut two circles, in different colors of paper. The first circle will be the background, and you only need to cut a blank. The second circle will be the Mandala itself. Fold and cut.

 making a Spinning top

3. Color in the Mandala. Coloring Mandalas is a meditative and calming activity. I had a great time making mine.

making a Spinning top

4. After you have finished decorating the paper circle, you can glue it to the disk.

If you are making a paper-cut Mandala, first glue the uncut circle to the disk, then, spread open the paper-cut and glue it on top of the first piece of paper.

making a Spinning top

5. Using the hot glue gun, glue the marble to the center of the disk. The marble should poke out of both sides of the disk – the top half of the marble is used for spinning the spinning top, and the bottom half is the point on which the spinning top spins. It is OK if the marble sticks out on top a bit more than the bottom. Sorry I could not provide a better photo for this step, my daughters did not allow me to glue their marbles…haha)

making a Spinning top

5. Spin!

Happy Hanukkah!

making a Spinning top

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