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Make a No-Knit Yarn Nest.

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A few weeks ago, to K’s utter delight, we discovered a little nest in the eves inside our front porch. We have been watching Mr and Mrs House Finch building this nest from our front window. K has been consumed… it reminds me, a little uncomfortably, of myself when the first Big Brother came out.
Whenever I ask if she’d like to make something, the answer is always… ‘a nest! Oh please, Mommy, can we make a nest?’
So today, we made a nest.
As I’m no knitter… (I can’t knit… shock horror!) I have been thinking of ways to make a nest using yarn that doesn’t require knitting. This is what we came up with…
What you’ll need is:
* Glue or Hodge Podge
* Water
* A baloon
* Scissors
* Yarn

We blew up the balloons to the right size for a nest.
We cut long strips of the yarn.
I lined a glass dish with a plastic packet for easy clean-up later and filled it with glue. I added enough water to the glue to make it about the consistency of milk.
We dipped the yarn into the glue mixture and wrapped it around the balloon, making sure to keep the yarn in a nest shape.
When our nests were wrapped around the balloons, we set them in the sun to dry.

When they were dry, we popped the balloons with a pin and our perfect little nest were left.

They have been treasured playthings all day and K is so delighted to be able to play ‘Birdie-in-a-nest’!
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Blessings and magic.

3 thoughts on “Make a No-Knit Yarn Nest.

  1. This looks like a lot of fun! Nice for all ages too!

  2. Such a cute idea! I am not a good knitter either. I totally empathize. =)

  3. Superbe idea! I'll be introducing this idea at home here as well, nice to make a nest while we follow the blackbirds nesting just outside our backdoor;-)

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