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Make your own linen freshener (from your garden)

Today’s all-natural tutorial is by Luisa of DanceInMyGarden, her Etsy shop stocked with beautiful flag buntings, and much more. Gardens in Luisa’s home of Australia are in full bloom, while ours in more northern climates are just getting underway. Now we know what we’ll need to plant this spring to use in our linen fresheners!

How to make your own linen freshener from your garden

You can use this laundry freshener in any room of course,
it has a fresh green herbacous scent, and is fun to make with the kids.
You will need 3 things from your garden, and 2 ingredients from your kitchen pantry.
So here it is…

You will need some lavender

some rosemary

bay leaves

Dry out the leaves and lavender heads, and crush them up in your hands.

Then you need to add some rock salt, and whole black pepper.
You don’t need lots and lots, just a couple of tablespoons of each.
The quantity isn’t important, just wing it.
And buy some cheap rock salt, don’t use your expensive organic salt, like I have done!

Find a nice bowl to put the pot pourri into and voila! You are done.
Now, wasn’t that easy peasy?
If you want you can also add a little orris root powder as a fixative, but I didn’t.

Sweet smelling linen and towels.

Bag up the rest, and save for later, or give-away little bundles wrapped in muslin.

Oh, every now and then, when you go into your laundry cupboard to pick up a fresh item, and you see your little bowl, remember to crush the dried leaves to release their scent.
You could also add some drops of essentials oils of lavender, rosemary, to make it smell a bit stronger, and it will last a lot longer.

What’s in DanceInMyGarden’s handmade shop? Here’s a beautiful bunting, perfect for ushering in spring to our backyards!

13 thoughts on “Make your own linen freshener (from your garden)

  1. Uhhh, I can just imagine how wonderful this would smell. I will have to try it.

  2. That was a wonderful posting! I can't wait to see what bay, rosemary, and lavender smell like together! Thanks! Beth

  3. The children look like they're having such a great time making this! I wonder if lavender will grow in this hot climate? I love it, and may have to give it a try!
    Thanks for posting this!

  4. Oh yes woolies, lavendar will grow where your are! I can't wait to try this out, so I am headed to my local health for store…everything I need in the bulk herb section!
    Thanks "Dance in my Garden"!

  5. I can smell the lavender from here! Great post!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing! The lavender sachets would be perfect for moth proofing your woolies too!
    I can't wait to make some:)

  7. Thank you for this wonderful idea.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  8. Super post! 🙂

    I miss having a garden so much! We used to have one at my parent's house. And there lavender grows everywhere where I come from 🙂

  9. i'm going to give this a go!

  10. How wonderful, Thanks for sharing this!!

  11. I didn't know it was that easy… now I am really looking forward to summer!! Thanks for sharing!

  12. mmmmmmmm. I'm planting lavender!

  13. Thanks for the reminder- I must plant my Lavender bed!!

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